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Getting aHEAD of myself
Advisory Panel
Feb 12, 2011
The park has published the 2021 park map, giving us some new details on smaller updates throughout the park. Here's some of the things I noticed:
  • Fudge & Fun on International Street has been renamed "La Dulce Vida." Glad the park is trying to fit the theme of I-Street's Spanish building
  • KD Gear on International Street is now "Dominion Traders"
  • Kings Dominion Theatre is closed for 2021 - not a big surprise
  • The Peanuts Showplace will continue to be a mask relax zone like it was during Taste of the Season
  • Country Kitchen seems to have absorbed Wayside Grill's old menu, with smoked brisket now added to the menu
  • Hungry Hippo is now labeled as "Hungry Hippo Turkey Burgers"
  • Crave Gifts on International Street is now, of all things, a Build-A-Bear Workshop
  • Volcano's station/queue house has been re-added to the map, despite not being shown on the 2019 map
  • New Coke Refresh station in Soak City next to Beach Street
  • New performance stage in Soak City, also next to Beach Street
  • 2021 show venues
    • Grande Bandstand: Bandstand Beat and Peanuts Block Party
    • Candy Apple Grove Stage: River City Ramblers
    • Peanuts Playhouse: Franklin's Dance Party
    • Beach Street Stage: The Coconuts
  • And perhaps the biggest bit of news: Avalanche, while drawn on the map, isn't labeled and is omitted from the map's height chart. Looks like Avalanche, and that entire corner of Safari Village, will be closed for 2021
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Mar 30, 2020
I honestly would not be surprised if Avalanche was next on the chopping black. That corner of the park is pretty quiet without Volcano, and the ride is kinda in a secluded spot. Would make sense if the rumored big coaster after the free-spin would be somewhere in that area.
Apr 22, 2019
Man, I like Avalanche. I mean no it's not the greatest ride ever, but it is fun and a nice change of pace. Will really suck if it is removed.

But it is curious that it is still pictured on the map. What does this mean? The hopeful take is it's down, but not out for the count. Maybe being rejuvenated?
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Mar 19, 2015
I wouldn't entirely mind if Avalanche left as well. Even if it's capable of running for another couple years, it especially feels out of place now. I can definitely see the perspective of just axing the whole area and starting from scratch. Allows for a slightly larger eventual replacement for Volcano and potentially a family coaster as well.
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Apr 22, 2019
I'm not surprised Avalanche is closed for the year. One, it saves staff. And two, it's currently located at a dead end between a construction zone and a dirt lot. I'd fully expect it to open back up next year with the new coaster.

I'm not sure I believe that, but I like your thinking. And they haven't taken it off the map, so that's maybe encouraging.
Mar 18, 2017
If the only ride up there is the 4D, it will be just as empty as it would be with just Avalanche.


Feb 14, 2019
If the only ride up there is the 4D, it will be just as empty as it would be with just Avalanche.

How do you figure? Is it because of the wide pathway without the mountain/Volcano next to it that makes it feel larger and thus emptier?

As far as anyone can tell at this point it seems Avalanche is staying and the 4D is gonna be built where Crypt was, so that's two attractions with a big hole where Volcano was.
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