Please select all of your choices for the 2021 Advisory Panel

  • belsaas

  • CastleOSullivan

  • Connor

  • halfabee

  • horsesboy

  • lightninlady

  • Memles

  • Mushroom

  • Pretzel Kaiser

  • RollyCoaster

  • sereniv

  • UncleDuncan

  • warfelg

  • Zimmy

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Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
All Forum members are encouraged to vote for our next Advisory Panel. To participate, simply submit your preferences in the poll above. You may vote for as many candidates as you want, including yourself.

No one will be able to see any results other than the Admins, who will have full visibility into the running tallies, as well as who has voted and how (to prevent cheating).

Campaigning anywhere will result in immediate disqualification.

The polls will remain open from now through Saturday night at 10:55 pm (30 March - 3 April).

Feel free to post any questions or concerns in this thread.
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DarKoaster stalker
Advisory Panel
Silver Donor
Jun 16, 2013
Quick question I can't find listed anywhere exactly how many people sit on the panel. Is there a fixed number? That might effect how people vote.


Sep 23, 2009
There isn't actually a fixed number. The admins typically look for a natural breakpoint in the votes that will give a panel of about 6 people.

Multi-way ties at almost every level are very common with these votes so it can be difficult to try to pin an actual number ahead of time.
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Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
Thank you to the 59 people who voted this year! I haven't actually verified, but this feels like an unusually high turnout.

Before I announce the winners, I want to say that the race was very close and all of the candidates had a lot of support. In fact, the lead shifted hands a few times, over the past few days.

All of our winners received more than 50% of the vote, demonstrating to Admins that they enjoy real support from the Forum membership. So, congratulations to all of you!

The list below is in no particular order and actually has been randomized in Excel.

@Pretzel Kaiser

Thanks again for everyone's support and participation!
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