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A few thoughts from looking at next years operating calendar.
1. Why have opening day on 3/15,, which is a Sunday? Yes, that will make member preview day on Saturday the 14th but they could just have easily have the member preview day on Friday 3/20. That will give them more time to make sure the park is up to opening standards.
2. What the purpose of being open on 9/13 (Sunday) but not on 9/12? Having this day off will help in prepare for HOS 2020.
3. October has every Thursday still on the schedule and the last two Wednesdays, all with 11PM closing times and midnight for all Oct Saturdays. Yeah!
4. Similar to #1. Why start CT's opening on 11/14? That means preview day will be the 13th. That means there's only 18 days from HOS close to CT opening. The way the park was not prepared for this years CT opening, and the way they proclaim that it's all hands on deck to get the park changed over(per the video from Ch13's CT segment in 2017) , why not just open up CT on 11/20 and have preview day on Thursday the 19th. Turkey day is late in the month (26th) again this year. So this would be opening a week before that. It would give them a decent amount of time to get the place set up instead of everyone running around with their hair on fire to get things done.

Just some things that don't seem logical to me.
1. The member preview days have been on the calendar for a few months. They most likely weren't going to go around and change them now. As far as Sunday they are already going through the effort of opening the park on Saturday. VA Dept of Health says that you can only keep food for 7 days once it's prepared. So anything they prep for Saturday will just not be used then and would get thrown away.

2.So what I am hearing is that a company has bought the park out on 9/12. That is why the park is not open that day despite the park having member sneak peak on the 11th.

3. I know should be fun. Plus they added Columbus day. Going to be lots of chances to go for slower days.

4.From what I understand part of the issue last year was that they added a weekend to HOS. Based on the calendar it doesn't look like they would add one to HOS. The extra weekend changed the set up plans and it caused them to be about a week behind schedule. The park has traditionally for a few years opened for CT that weekend.
I like that they are open the Sunday after member preview. That may decrease the preview crowd a little bit, plus the weather is still hit or miss in March. If the weather is bad on the 14th, people can go on the 15th.

I love that they are open on Columbus Day now!!!!!
Sorry for the double post...

I haven’t seen BGW let a company buy out the park for a day. That’s interesting if they are allowing this... I know Kings Dominion does this a few times a year, but never recall BGW doing it (at least lately). Did they do this during the A-B days????
Yeah, BGW buyouts have been a thing for a while actually. Seems to happen less than at KD, but it’s not a new thing.

Anyway, thanks for posting the PDF @RKRCC! I just referenced the one you uploaded last year to see how the number of days compares. (+17* at BGW and +6 at WCUSA in 2020!)

* Not including the last minute HOS additions to 2019’s schedule.
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