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Safe to say passmembers and platinums are included?
I wouldn't assume that last year they indicated that sneak peaks would be only for the new membership program members forward. We might have to wait and see closer to the even on the grandfathered in memberships.
The Operating calendar is now available for download on BGW's website. No hours have been put on the calendar yet. It just shows which days the park will be open.


  • BG 2019 Calendar.pdf
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jus sayin, this is a first the they released a PDF calendar with no times, just days. It is also the earliest any operating calendar has been posted.

time are posted on the website calendar
It’s due to the local Spring Break schedules for the public school systems. Newport News and Hampton are off the first week of April and Norfolk, VA Beach, Chesapeake, etc are on break April 15-19.
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Shame they werent open on Halloween night since its a thursday and they are open every thursday the rest of the month for HOS. I remember a number of years ago doing the trick or treat thing here at home then heading to BGW to close out the season with the last night of HOS. Yes that was before CT.
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