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Wow, that's the biggest change since I started paying much attention. 3 10 PM closings to start Spring Break. 9 PM closings on many Fridays. 11 PM closings. The last week of August and Haunt are similar to last year though.
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Yes I know this. I've attended a private event on occasion. My point is, I've never seen it close two full weekends. The most I've seen is one weekend, and one day the next weekend for three days total.
Maybe they're in such a big demand that they had to expand. The park might also want the extra time for setup given two holiday events now.
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I thought they had closed 2 weekends before, finally found proof: 2011 brochure

I sailed through last year without it affecting me at all. I don't expect they lose much even if another park gains, because anyone that 2 weeks affects is hardcore anyway (me).
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Zachary said:
100 hours total ÷ 5 hours a night = 20 nights? Seven day shorter run than Carowinds' event? Odd if true.

Rest of the info seems plausible though. Thanks for sharing!

Carowinds is further south, and their closest competitor, Dollywood, is open many more days for their holiday event. Scarowinds is both seperately ticketed and includes non-weekdays as well -- and KD Haunt is less than 20 days total anyway. 7 days less at KD would be 5 weekdays and starting a weekend later. Or no Friday some weekends, starting a week later, and a couple of weekdays closed around Christmas when Carowinds is open every day. Makes sense to me.
GRTC bus services from Richmond are beginning early for this operating season due to 'high demand' according to this article. There are also routes, departures, cost, and other valuable information in this article. The bus lines are not a new thing, but starting them up before Memorial Day is. I guess KD is expecting larger crowds this spring.

GRTC to provide express service to Kings Dominion
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