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Getting aHEAD of myself
Advisory Panel
Feb 12, 2011
The park has released their 2018 show lineup.

New Shows

Deep End Dance Party
The sun is shinin’, the beat is pumpin’ and Soak City is hotter than ever! Popular music, dancing, pool games and trivia are guaranteed to make your visit to the park this summer really sizzle! It’s DEEP END DANCE PARTY!

Soak City Soakers
Let’s get wet ‘n wild with the Soak City Soakers! Their tanks are locked and loaded and ready to make everyone a part of the splash zone. Become a part of Team Fire or Team Ice as they invite you to join their ultimate aqua battle! You’ll be soaked with fun as the SOAK CITY SOAKERS take over!

Sunset Party Mix
The anticipation is building and the energy is infectious as our powerhouse performers take you on a journey into the night! Get ready to cut loose after work, make a date, and dance your troubles away. Featuring our live bands and rockin’ singers, this show will be the soundtrack of your best night ever! It’s time to turn up the volume on your SUNSET PARTY MIX!

The Chart Toppers
Old fashioned favorites and all new contemporary hits will have you movin’ to an unforgettable beat! Our brass band is jamming all over the park and ready to be the soundtrack to your day. Don’t miss this sleek and slick brass band: THE CHART TOPPERS.

Timbers Jam Band
Listen and jam out to the hottest band near the Twisted Timbers! The top hits are flowin’ down the river as we invite you to sit back and relax with your favorite music from all time. The guitars are burnpin’ up and the drums are bustin’ loose as we keep it rockin’ with TIMBERS JAM BAND!

Returning Shows
Charlie Brown's Jungle Journey
Clown Band
Origins: A Cirque Experience
Peanuts Jump & Jive

To be honest, I'm not sure what to make of this year's lineup. With the Peanuts Showplace inexplicably sitting dark this year, the park has dropped from two major "sit down" shows to one and is letting an enormous theater go to waste. I'm also disappointed that Snoopy's Symphony of Water is gone; the fountain show was a pleasant diversion and since the fountains are automated, it would cost the park literally nothing to operate.

I suppose I jumped the gun in hoping "Soak City Soakers" would be a beach band by Tidal Wave Bay. Frankly, I'm not exactly sure what it is. It strikes me as an elaborate water gun battle, which sounds really creative, but I have no idea why it's considered a show. Deep End Dance Party also does sound like a lot of fun; Soak City is the perfect place for that sort of "beach party" atmosphere. The week-long Soak City Beach Party event last year looked extremely popular, so I guess the park felt they could make it a daily event.

Timbers Jam Band sounds intriguing; I have wanted the park to have simply a casual "band" show that focuses on musical performances instead of unnecessary staging and dancing. I wish it had a specific genre, like 50s music, but hopefully this will fill the hole in the park's need for a show to just sit and listen to for a few minutes.

I don't really have strong feelings either way on Sunset Party Mix. On one hand, I enjoyed Turn It Up last year and I like that they're channeling that vibe into a solitary nighttime show. However, I really wish the Grand Bandstand were used for something other than party/pop revues one of these days.

What really confuses me is "The Chart Toppers." According to the description, it's a roaming brass band. Doesn't the park already have a show that's... exactly that? I don't understand why they've copied and pasted exactly what the Clown Band is while the Clown Band already exists.

My biggest disappointment, though, is that Starlight Spectacular is nowhere to be found. I absolutely loved the light show last year. The addition of the synced International Street fountains and the powerful soundtrack created a truly magical sendoff from the park at night. I'll honestly be heartbroken if Starlight Spectacular is gone.

This is definitely an interesting year for Kings Dominion's live entertainment. Thoughts?

Lord Robert

"Not pet. Wingman."
Apr 18, 2014
Sure the Peanuts Showplace is empty this year, but the nice thing I can say is that the live entertainment line-up has variety if nothing else.
Jan 16, 2016
I would think the limited shows & International Street fountains prob have more to do with the addition of Winterfest at the end of the year.. I do agree that all the entertainment venues are really wasted.. Im hoping they have live show indoors for Haunt & Winterfest later this year....


Getting aHEAD of myself
Advisory Panel
Feb 12, 2011
I reached out to the park and got a response from Jason Holbrooks, the Entertainment Area Manager who is the one in charge of all the entertainment for the park. Here was his response:

Jason Holbrooks said:
At this point we will not have Starlight this summer. With the addition of WinterFest this fall we are having to rework some of the systems in the park and unfortunately we are not able to have the show this season. Hopefully it will return in future seasons.

That's really disappointing. The lights and music created such an enchanting nighttime aura, as if the park were putting on a grand "farewell" each evening. I really hope it comes back next year. :(
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