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Pusheen Gardens
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Jul 20, 2011
Williamsburg, VA
From Busch Gardens facebook page...."We're launching an all new t-shirt line in 2016 featuring our most popular existing and retired attractions. Click here to vote for your favorite attraction, and we'll use the top choices to create our 2016 Heritage line."

RE: 2016 Heritage Line T-Shirtls

Happy to see that This is Oktoberfest is on the list. I would love to see a t-shirt of that.

I can't help but think this may be a reaction due to the success of the 40th merchandise. Although I would've loved to see something like this for the 40th this year, I guess it's better late than never.
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RE: 2016 Heritage Line T-Shirtls

I feel like the finalists here would basically be added on to the six attractions that were featured this year for the 40th.
RE: 2016 Heritage Line T-Shirtls

BBW t-shirts will always exist, there the most sold tee in the whole company

votes so far

Glissade 2
Drachen Fire 28
Wild Maus 5
Der Autobahn 17
Questor 3
Hastings 3
This is Oktoberfest 8
The Enchanted Laboratory 11
Kinder Karrussel 0
Threadneedle Faire 10
Aeronaut Skyride 2
RE: 2016 Heritage Line T-Shirtls

Thomas said:
Isn't it Die Autobahn?

Yes. But fuck proper articles! They should just make sure that people aren't confusing it with La Mans.
I can only assume that Drachen Fire's commanding lead is due to nostalgic ibuprofen manufacturers pining for the good old days.

I had to vote for Threadneedle Faire to rep my username, but Questor and The Enchanted Laboratory would probably make better shirts.
So will the top four be the only ones chosen to get a T-shirt design? I didn't see any numerical specification on the park's Facebook page.

Also, wait to go This is Oktoberfest!
I actually wouldn't mind a bumper car tee. I have many a fond memory of slamming into friends on that ride over the years.

I almost bought some of the shirts that were available this year, but I didn't like the colors on some of them. Like the LeMans shirt; the green on it just didn't suit my taste. I loved the Whirbelwind logo Tshirt idea too but the yellow was really ugly.
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