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Apr 1, 2010
New for 2016:

New show. Cirque Imagine.

A 3,000 square foot Starbucks near the entrance.

Boomerang Bay will now be Carolina Harbor Waterpark. The largest water park in the Carolinas.

New attractions include-

Blackbeard's Revenge, a 6-story tall water slide complex features 3 attractions and a total of 6 slides. One features a drop floor.

Seaside Splashworks, a two-acre family area featuring over 80 play elements.

Myrtle Turtle Beach and Kiddy Hawk Cove, two new areas for younger guests and their families.

Surf Club Harbor, a 27-000 sq-ft wave pool.

Other things mentioned during the live Periscope broadcast were a new entrance, sand volleyball court, Harbor House restaurant, a full service bar called Schooners, AND a teaser for another announcement in October.
Nice expansion and renovation of their water park. Plus, separate entrance for it. I've heard many folks on social media sites wish that KD had the same feature of having a separate water park entrance. Wonder if some of that rumored land clearing behind I-305 is for a possible future Soak City entrance?

Also, Carowinds give a hint of something else in 2016 related to Plants and Zombies. Some folks pointed out a computer game Plants vs. Zombies may be used in some sort of themed attraction. Course, no details on this until October.

I was shocked that the park's GM stated that 2016 was only the 2nd year of the 3 year accelerated development project for Carowinds. I thought the new water slide tower, Harmony Hall, and the tolls and parking improvements in 2014 were year one, I was wrong!

My guess is that their B&M stand-up will be getting a floor-less makeover in 2017. Would not be surprised if they get flat ride(s) in 2017 as well.
The teaser was "Get ready to soil your plants" with graphics showing a leaf covered with a red "do not" symbol on a brick wall. That is the tagline for the Plants vs. Zombies game. Cedar Fair's forward looking statement said an interactive dark ride and digital experience is in planing for 2016. Dark rides were also mentioned in the LA Times article yesterday. Perhaps something in the now vacant Action FX Theater? Maybe something totally new?

Right now I'm fairly blasé on the announcement. More slides, a bar, volleyball courts, moving a wave pool, etc. Meh. From someone that visits Boomerang Bay once per season, I'll have to see a lot more to justify removing Thunder Road. All this could have just went around it. If they want to improve something they should start with employee attitude and speed. But, I'm sure others will enjoy the improvements. Besides, more free space for me on Fury 325.

Edit: I hear people say the lift hill on Thunder Road was going to be too expense to fix. But then Cedar Fair brags about how much money they are going to pour into Carowinds in the next few years. Which is it? That article yesterday also sounds like this Ouimet chap may generally think woodies are too expensive to maintain.
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The park already did a retrack of Thunder and didn't get the return they wanted. Even om closing Friday the lines topped at 10 mins with five minute dispatches and no racing. Next best thing would've been to call RMC to do a full reprofile, but people would've been up in arms about that too.

This water park expansion looks like it'll be really nice. Are they planning to close off the Afterburn entrance for the new water park entrance?
I'm gonna blame that on the fact that it's located in a remote corner behind a dinosaur-themed gift shop for another attraction, with nothing but a hard-to-see sign pointing the way to it.

I swear, the number of people who leave the park and tell me they didn't ride Grizzly because they couldn't find it is maddening.

Not that I'm bitter or anything.
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Well yes, I wasn't saying it never has a line due to it being a poor ride, I totally agree with you on the horrific placement of that gift shop and lack of any sort of signage/directional arrows. Personally it isn't a must ride for me, it has a few good airtime moments, however it is a bit violent at times.
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