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Getting aHEAD of myself
Advisory Panel
Feb 12, 2011
With the park's 2015 show lineup uncharacteristically shrouded in mystery, I decided to email the park and see if they'd give me the scoop. To my surprise, they did just that- and more. Below is the full 2015 entertainment lineup, plus the showtime schedule that is valid through June!

Though we already learned about the opening of Cirque Imagine, Charlie Brown's Happy Campers, and Open Mic Karaoke, this does reveal two interesting points:
1. The Clown Band will be performing on the Grande Bandstand this year
2. The rumor that All Wheel Sports is leaving has been disproved

Gotta be honest here, compared to the expansive show lineups in 2013 and 2014, this year's lineup seems a bit lackluster. I've heard only good things about Cirque Imagine and Charlie Brown's Happy Campers, but even still, the lineup is far smaller than it has been in previous years, and live vocals have been eliminated almost completely. On the brighter side, the vocals in KD's shows have never been the strongest, and perhaps having to fund fewer shows will lead to higher quality productions. Oh well, we'll see...
My guess is that the Cirque Imagine production is taking the bulk of the entertainment budget this year. The Quebec company, that produces these types of shows, seems to have a higher level of production values than what we have experienced in the live song & dance productions over the last 7-8 years.

Kings Dominion just does not have the overall entertainment budget to create productions that can hold up to shows at Busch and Herchend parks. Plus, KD does not have many decent show facilities to host entertainment productions.

I am not sure if the small entertainment budget is just about Kings Dominion or if this is more of a corporate Cedar Fair philosophy across all the parks in the chain. For example, Cedar Point tore down one of their main indoor entertainment facilities for an upcoming new attraction. This venue was last used to host a ice skating show. On the other hand, Cedar Point did promise more entertainment for 2015. Carowinds is promising a greatly expanded entertainment lineup for this season as well.

Maybe it has come down to which Cedar Fair park gets the "pot of gold", regarding the entertainment budget, for that season. Carowinds is getting the bulk of the overall Cedar Fair capital improvement budget for 2015 so it makes sense that they are the favored one for entertainment this year.

I just hope that Cedar Fair did not drop the ball for Kings Dominion by cutting back on entertainment this year because of their perceived impression of lack of interest on the public's part. I know it is there; but, they need to step up to the plate and invest in new and improved entertainment venues as well as show productions. You can't expect strong attendance for your entertainment line-up when it has to struggle with a shoe-string budget resulting in sub-par show productions and venues.
I stumbled across the 2015 Pass Holder Guide and came across the descriptions and logos for the park's four new shows!


Charlie Brown's Happy Campers
Join Charlie Brown and the other PEANUTS™ campers as they spend the day enjoying the great outdoors. Campers of all ages will enjoy the music, fun, and even a special visitor as the PEANUTS™ gang goes to summer camp!


Peanuts Palooza
The PEANUTS™ gang is throwing a huge party and you are invited! Be sure to grab your camera and meet the entire gang immediately following the show


Open Mic Karaoke
Grab your mic and show everyone what you can do as our guests become the stars! Be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before the show if you would like to sign up to sing.


Cirque Imagine
Prepare to be mesmerized by the acrobatic performances in Cirque Imagine, featuring an incredible showcase of strength, balance and athleticism. You will want to see this incredible show more than once! Seating is limited, available on a first-come, first-served basis.
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If anyone cares, the Live Entertainment page of the park's website has finally been updated. Link.
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