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I think it is unusual that the 2014 calendar shows the park is closed Saturday, October 25th. That is the last Saturday before Halloween. Maybe because the park is doing the Haunt on Saturday, November 1st? Sunday, 11/02 must be a Non-Haunt operating day since they are only open Noon-8pm.

Overall, there appears to be 6-8 more operating days for 2014.
I had nothing better to do so I decided to pull together a KD crowd calendar similar to the BGW one I did earlier.

- I based the crowd levels off the park operating hours, BGW's crowds, and a few year round park crowds. Since it's been years since I've gone to KD, I can't vouch for average crowd levels.
- Like the BGW one, no special events outside of the Spring Bloom Fest and Haunt are included. Crowd levels are subject to change for smaller special events (40th celebration, concerts, cancer awareness day, etc).
- Weather not included.
- I did make tweaks to the BGW calendar too. Changed a few crowd levels around and added symbols for special events.
- If any locals can vouch for more accurate crowd levels, message me or post in here.

Color guide
- Green - Low crowds. Park is mostly deserted. Perfect for park visiting
- Yellow - Moderate crowds. Some lines but mostly reasonable
- Orange - Average crowds. Typical summer crowds here. Crowds will be hit-miss
- Red - Heavy crowds. Park is busy. If you don't stay away, plan ahead or vouch for a line cutting pass.
- Black - Blackout crowds. Park is slammed. Expect long lines everywhere. Vouch for a line cutting pass or enter at your own risk.

Here's the link on Google Drive. To switch between both calendars, just click the Busch Gardens or Kings Dominion tab at the bottom of the page.


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I'm not sure if you saw it, but they have all of the schools events listed. I will try to get a link later on but the list can be found in the group sales tab of the site.

I will be sure to look at the chart when I have access to a computer.


Click each event for the dates.
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