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May 3, 2011
Richmond, Va

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Last Update: 11/15/2014

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Joe Cool Spring Club Single Day Tickets $39 valid APRIL 5 - JUNE 8 only. That's two dollars less than the "pay kids' price" promotion and you don't have to designate your date -- but note again date range of April 5 - June 8. Probably online only -- use promo code

A few questions:

1) I see that you get $.99 refills with the souvenir drink cups, but my question is can we still get a wrist band for $5? If we buy our cup at the park, does it come with a wrist band the first time?

2) Season pass holders get $25 off a ticket at the gate. Are tickets at the gate $54? Or what is the gate price?

3) Do you still issue Snoopy Bucks? I think it was $9 for $10 worth of Snoopy bucks.
1) No, you do not get a wrist band when you buy a cup.
2) No, gate price is $64.99
3) I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think they did away with them after switching to the 'flash your pass' discount.

I wish the online ticket purchasing system had a spot to just enter your season pass for an instant ticket discount for taking friends.
Thanks for the answers. Well I don't like that. So my discount for bringing guests isn't any better than everyone pay's a kids price. I can cheaper tickets through my parks and recs (I think $35). So that makes me a little irritated.

So they no longer have free refills. All refills are $.99 it sounds like. That adds up.

I like the flash your pass better, honestly. I just didn't know if I could stack it.

Thanks for all the help.
O.k. so IMO buying the cup at the park makes more sense then getting it for $3 cheaper online because of the free refills. Thanks for the information.

two years ago you could bring your cup back and pay $5 for a wrist band and get refills all day for the $5.
mtnmamamj said:
two years ago you could bring your cup back and pay $5 for a wrist band and get refills all day for the $5.

You should email the park and see what they say about that option- I'd honestly go for it in a heartbeat anytime I was planning to spend a full day at KD...
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Last night I was home alone and there was a knock on my door which I ignored (as usual.) When I went to check later there was a large (17" x 5 & 1/2") King's Dominion flyer attached to my doorknob. I live in lower York County, Virginia. I don't mention this because it's a good code...go two posts up to Mazakman's to get a better deal. I just thought it was interesting that KD is advertising this way. BTW, it was for $15 off admission through 7/31/14.
Anybody thinking of checking out KD for the cheapest price ever? Season pass holders can get up to 6 people in on Sunday (Fathers' Day) for $16 bucks! If you have a friend with a pass, this is the day to spend some quality time with that friend :) $16 is cheaper than the movies!


Today, June 18th, only, all tickets purchased online cost only $32.
Promo code 'DUKE' will get you the same price as above post, and includes parking too! Not sure how long the code is good for or what days it is valid. Pretending to buy the ticket with the code should reveal the details.
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I have been hearing about this postcard thing season pass holders have been getting in the mail where you can bring a friend for 9.99? Can anyone confirm this
KD Livingsocial Deal

$40 single day admission deal. While this isn't as awesome as the Busch Garden's deal, this is what a normal theme park promotion should look like. Unfortunately for KD, everyone has probably already bought the BG deal....

Cheaper than normal but not outrageous rate? Check
Reasonable expiration date? Check
Not giving the park away? Check
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