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Nov 1, 2012
Random pondering on the 2014 entertainment lineup:

The description of the 2014 show for the KD Theater is not really specific enough to definitely say it is a "Best of" entertainment production of the former Broadway-style shows that Kings Production put on back in the day.

To me, the description almost comes off as being another variation of the former "All Access" show; simply featuring contemporary/pop/rock music from the decades the park has been open. I guess we will have to wait and see.

I do get the feeling that the 40th anniversary show is a custom production that is being developed by the entertainment production company RWS & Associates. I don't think this show is coming from the Cedar Fair corporate entertainment division.

It appears that the new country music show, "Rockin' Country" will have a live band to accompany the performers. I was hoping the pop music show, "Hit List", would have a live band too; but, it looks like the cast will be singing to recorded music.

"All Wheel Sports" is back for 2014. According to their Facebook site, some of the 2013 cast will be returning and the rest will be new faces. They also stated there will be new stuff featured in the 2014 show.

Sounds like the "Ignite the Night" night-time production will be an expansion of last year's "Street Beats".

Course, we are having the return of the Clown Band this year.

I did not see anything specific concerning street performers (trios or quartets of musicians and/or singers, magicians, juggler, puppeteers, mimes, etc.).

Also, not sure if any of the 2014 shows will have a larger cast size than the shows from 2013.


Getting aHEAD of myself
Advisory Panel
Feb 12, 2011
According to RWS & Associates, KD's new costume designer was in charge of costumes for Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards.
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avid coaster enjoyer
Sep 20, 2013
That show made Entwined look like a brodway production. The singing was terrrible the show had no dialog let alone a story. It didn't even have a prop! We have come a long way, now only if we could get rid of Karaoke Superstars. That show should just be re-named "Slumber Party: Karaoke Style!"
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