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Oct 9, 2013
Virginia Beach
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I've seen and heard a ton of radio/TV and Internet advertising so far this year in Hampton Roads, I'm excited to see if that increases attendance and I feel that was a major dead spot in their marketing efforts. Has anyone else been noticing these adverts? If so, what market are you in?
It might be helpful for people to mention their 'market' since that will influence how many ads they have seen.

I live in the Hampton Roads market and have heard quite a few radio ads as well as a couple TV ads here and there. Also, interestingly, most of the ads have pushed Annual Pass sales ("just $10 a month with EZPay"), though I'm assuming that is because of my market.
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Y'all just wanna know where the Almighty chickenking lives don't you? ;)

That being said, I freely confess to homesteading at the Gardens.  I have seem quite a few TV adverts.  Don't listen much to radio. :)
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I've heard maybe one or two radio ads. No TV ads though. I'm on the Southside of Hampton Roads.
Those ads are tailored to you I believe. You only see them because thats what the site or advertising space thinks your interested in. With that said, they do definitely seem everywhere.
I've seen a ton of those too, CK. Still the Verbolten ad with the kid who looks like he needs to eat some prunes, yes?
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I think everyone knows this, but I am in NOVA. The ads I've seen have been on FIOS "cable" stations. Demographically, they seem to be targeting stations women are more likely to watch. But that could just be my perception.
I live in Henrico,VA, I've seen like two ads. Step it up BG! They should try to get some ads in NC because it's a shorter drive to BG than KD from most places.
I haven't seen any, your lucky. I've seen more SWO commercials than I have seen BGW in 2013 and 2014 combined.
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