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Apr 29, 2011
Looks like HW is adding and changing a few things for next year with a $6.5 million expansion.

• New entry plaza for Splashin' Safari plus 20 more cabanas

• New after-dark light show for summer nights

• Misters and fans, plus more shade and seating throughout both parks

• Kitty's Tea Party - a classic tea-cup family ride in Holidog's FunTown

• Pilgrims Plunge "moving" to Splashin' Safari with a new name: Giraffica
(The ride itself is not moving but the park boundary is.)


RhinoBlaster! Four new water slides, ranging from 300- to 350-feet long and with drops up to 50 feet! One of the slides includes a half-pipe feature.

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B.Mac said:
Gotta get to Holiday World!

Try going to their Holiwood Nights event! It's awesome!

ERT on the three woodies in the pitch black is epic!
It's amazing how Holiday World continues to invest into their little park year after year. When was the last time they had an off year? Plus, this is, what, the 3rd year in a row where they've added 2 new rides? Not to mention all the smaller improvements they make to the park. Holiday World knows how to run a park.
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Zachary said:
Holiday World knows how to run a park.

They truly do!

The first time I went there in 2006 it felt like I had encoutered reverse sticker shock when I saw how everything in the park was either free (drinks) or affordable (food and merchandise).

And mostly they take care of wood coasters better than any other park. It's kinda sad how the major park chains like Cedar Fair can't seem to maintain wood coasters but HW can.
B.Mac said:
I need a trip buddy for it, 12 hours is too much of a drive for me and airfare is a joke xD.

I usually find decent airfare from Norfolk to Louisville and I rent a car and drive. I've never driven to the park from VA. I can't sit in a car that long.
I wish Kings Dominion could add some new water attractions. Holiday World always sets the new waterpark trends.
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