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Dec 23, 2011
I noticed two new 2012 permits.

First, there is going to be a new "lattice facade and planter" in the Guest Arrival area.

Second, those nice shady shelters for the Griffon Queue are moving to the Bistro patio.

These aren't anything major but a few extra changes to look forward to.
Yeah, I have only seen the Griffon's line actually get the long only just a few times, really not often enough to have the shade shelters there. Plus they already have misting fans and regular fans. Plus, adding them to the Bistro patio would make it more relaxing like the shade shelters at WCUSA.
Griffon still gets 90-120 min lines during busy days, so I don't see that extra space going anywhere.

What I really thing they could do is put some permanent structures there and use the space to increase/decrease the queue. A permanent structure would look much nicer than the shades that they already use as well.
Why not just build a french castle and theme the queue amazingly like LNM or how Verbolten will be? That area is probably the worst theme in regards to details. It is just a castle like structure with iron? Give little to no theme. I am not a big fan of New France, but I at least understand what the theme is.
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