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Dec 23, 2011
A lot has changed at WCUSA this year. I believe new Dippin Dots stores not carts have been added, new bathrooms, a renovated store with new marchandise, and a few other new things.
- Dippin Dots kiosks offer more now. They serve ice cream, sundaes, floats, and fountain drinks.

- A new H2O Oasis area has been added with "mega" cabanas for rent. Rent them for an entire day with snacks, personal assistant, and non-alcoholic drinks.

- Wipeout Gifts has been renovated with a new interior look and merchandise.

- Conservation Cove has been added, which has animals on display.

- Restrooms have been updated.

- 3 new "You are here" park maps with zoom in capabilities have been added at busy intersections.

Pictures to come soon.
I like the sounds of this Conservation Cove and is that some sort of display or touchscreen with the "zoom-in" capabilities?
I am not sure about the maps. I think it's like the ones that light up at BG but with a list of information next to the map and only a square section of where you are is zoomed in. That's what I got from a picture I saw.
B-Mac said:
PS didn't they declare bankruptcy a few years ago?

A year or less ago. Last month an investment group from Oklahoma bought the company. We will see where that goes.
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