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Mar 30, 2010
So there's going to be a big announcement wednesday about a $9 million attraction that is going to be added to the park. Anybody have any ideas what it will be? Another wooden coaster?

They already said that it wouldn't be a new coaster just yet. I'm guessing an awesome new flat and a new slide complex.
Their next coaster will be a steel coaster, probably one that we will see in 2013.

We won't see a wood coaster there for a while. They outdid themselves (and everyone else) with The Voyage. We'll most likely see Timberliners added to Raven and Legend after Voyage.
Timberliners on the Raven and the Legend? I sure hope not. I'd much rather see the Legend get the Rocky Mountain Coasters treatment and leave the Raven alone- it's a classic.
^The park stated a while ago that it would be a possibility for the future. Being that Raven has already served as a test dummy for the first ever Timberliner car and the park has a great working relationship with Gravity Group (those guys worked for CCI and made Raven and Legend). They basically get a discount on them. Plus the addition of Timberliners would cut down on maintenance costs so it would be a smart business move.

I personally would love to see it. PTCs are crap and have no business running on coasters with a lot of twists and turns!
PTCs are absolutely not crap. You've clearly never been buckled in to a Gerstlauer wood coaster train.

There is nothing quite as wonderful as a PTC with buzz bars.
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<3 Phoenix <3 for example.

Back on topic: I'm confused about whether this is 9 million spent on a single attraction or for the whole project. The Theme Park Insider article above calls it "the largest single project in the park's history" but Thanksgiving was more than that, if you consider it a single project. Do they mean largest single attraction? That's a mighty budget for a flat or even a cluster of slides.
PTCs work ok for out-and-back woodies. But for twisters and terrain woodies they are complete sh*t. The wheel base is too stiff and not conducive for navigating the track. Holiday World is constantly retracking sections of Voyage throughout the season because the PTCs EAT the track up.
Roar at SFA and Roar at SFDK are very nearly the exact same ride (the stations are oriented a bit differently, but other than that...). SFA has PTCs and SFDK has Millennium Flyers. Not to say that either of them is anything to get all excited about, but at least at SFA, you can find a couple of seats that ride decently. At SFDK, 4 rides in various places on the train were enough to tell me it's just not going to be fun no matter what.

Voyage was engineered with PTCs in mind. It's all that was available at the time for Gravity Group engineers. I've had mostly great rides on it and a couple of roughish ones. Even the roughest rides I've had on it were not as jarring as the Grizzly at KD, and certainly not as rough as Roar at SFDK or Wildcat at Hershey. Now that I think of it, I rode Wildcat when it had PTCs and again last year with the MFs. The MFs made a marginal improvement, but not enough that I could pin it's roughness directly to the presence of PTC trains. It is still a really rough ride and, like the Voyage, was engineered to run with PTC 2-bench trains.

As far as the future addition of Timberliners to the Voyage goes, we don't know yet how they are going to actually affect maintenance or how it rides. It may be that with as large and aggressive as the Voyage is, it will always tear itself apart regardless of what kind of trains it has. I'm just thankful that Holiday World invests in an amazing woodie maintenance crew to keep all of those coasters running well.
Holiday World just announced Mammoth, the world's longest water coaster. Link:

What do you'll think?
^ I couldn't agree more. Wildebeest blew my away last year and Vanish Point crushed my hopes and dreams this year. Water Country needs something like this now.
I went on my first water coaster earlier this year at Six Flags New England, it was a BLAST.

Seriously though, is there a reason (besides money) that WCUSA hasn't installed a water coaster?
Not really. But the idea of how much space Mammoth and Widebeest takes up seems to be a turn off for WCUSA. The park has excellent terrain to make use of and one of those would be just insane (says the guy who misses their old slide that was carved into the hill).
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