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Jan 8, 2011
Rumor has it that Pirates 4D will be coming back this 2011 season because of poor attendance at Seasame Street 4D. The BGW website still lists Seasame Street.

Anybody heard anything about Pirates 4D coming back this year?

BGW Entertainment is also looking into a Beatlemania type live show for the Globe in future seasons. It would be great to have a live show back in the Globe Theater.
Hadn't heard anything about Pirates coming back, it would be welcome though since I'd actually go see it. But, agreed, a live show would be great to see in the Globe again. A Beatles show would fit the hamlet, might be pretty awesome.
Pirates over Sesame Street would be a win, but I'm wondering why BGW refuses to add a good new show to the Globe. Their answer seems to be, "Oh, if they don't like it, let's just bring back Pirates!"
I agree with Franco. It's a good theater in a really good location- why not put a good show in there?
I have not seen or heard anything for a while about Pirates coming back, but it sure would be nice if it did.
The park has confirmed that Sesame Street will be returning to the Globe this season.
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