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Jun 6, 2013
Does anyone have any sources at BGW/WC that know what's happening with the water country expansion? Have budget issues put all if this on hold? It's already been two years since vanish point, which they keep trying to use as hype for the park. But seeing as that was a mediocre slide to start they really need something new to draw people. Any chances we see anything next year?
Actually EVERY guest I have seen, is awe struck by Vanish Point, the dropping floor really does get people and they really do think it is a cool new ride.

I think we may not see too much expansion on WCUSA's part because for the most part, BGW executives also control WCUSA and they tend to ignore it and with budget cuts BGW is the only one getting all the money right now.
The behind the thrills article about SWSA mentioned big things across the chain. Could we finally see WCUSA start the expansion in it's master plan?
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I'm glad tursiops did.

One of the strengths of our Forum is that we have so much historic knowledge about the parks, that we can see new information and link it to older plans. As a group we have great depth, perspective, and experience.

This post is a perfect example of one our members knowing where to find context for new data.

Furthermore, it is generally better to use an existing thread than to create a new one for the same topic.
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