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Sep 23, 2009
I checked the site today and the 2010 map is up. Check it out:



  • bgw2010mapfinal.png
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Chris has posted the version on the site. Here is the converted .pdf version of the map.


  • ParkMap_01.jpg
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Swiftman said:
Chris has posted the version on the site. Here is the converted .pdf version of the map.

After just a few min. of looking it over I saw a small yellow logo over Ireland. Can anyone read it?

I'll keep looking over it and tell you all if I see anything more.

It looks like it may say "Coming..."

Perhaps it won't be ready to open when the park does. The text is prohibitively small though.
note that the black forest picnic area is no longer labeled as such. Posibly for a new country or maybe it is waiting to be labeled for events like the A.S.T.

BTW guys. Last night I had a nightmare. It was about Busch(I don't normally dream of Busch but this was just one of those weird things). In it the replacement for bbw was announced to be a coaster almost identical to the former Hypersonic XL. NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO.
Without BBW, That whole half of the park is lacking. From Darkastle to Apollo there's barely any thing worth going for(you guys can quote me to the park if ever the need might come). Give 'em 2 years, maybe even only 18 months. See you will. A plan they have. Trust in them, you must.<(*_*)>
Fur Dozy I agree. The park WILL place something in the near future in the BBW spot. It is a matter of time. One reason they could be making the spot where the BBW was so large is that they plan to announce something this year. Perhaps they wish to mid-season change maps with a big advertisement.

Just saying. If I were in marketing, that would be my plan anyway.
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