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Apr 12, 2012
Virginia Beach, Virginia
OK, so we have been arguing over the discussion of kids and teens at HOS and the possibility of an 18+ event for years, but NOBODY can agree on it. Now, what do you guys think of this idea? This idea is the general concept of having some nights of HOS per the usual open to everyone but a recommended age of 12-13. NOW, some nights would be an 18+ event where the park would close at around 4 and open up at 7 or 8. However, when the park opens back up for HOS it would be an 18+ event and not close until midnight or 1. There would also be a $15-$20 upcharge here( But only 18+ nights) the ways you could go about doing this can vary.

1: Fridays and/or sundays always are 18+, while Saturdays are for everyone

2: one or 2 weekends would have the 18+ scenario for the entire weekends

3: Random dates throughout the event are 18+

Well thats why I said Fridays and/OR Sundays. But your right, Having just Fridays for 18+ would be enough. But honestly, How many kids go to HOS on a Sunday Night? Seems like the majority of families are there on Saturday.
I kinda like the idea. It doesn't need to be every Friday and Sunday, maybe something like every other Friday. But what could the park do differently to make it an upcharge event? I would not pay extra for the same howl-o-scream, I would need something more!
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