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Ticket of a Lifetime!?! Sign me up... I’ve always wanted to go to Cedar Point!

Also, I noticed on the website that it says residents of NY and FL cannot enter the contest. I wonder why?
To enter this week I had to vote for which ride is the most thrilling or something, but it's been so long since I've been to CP that I've never ridden any of the options. I picked Maverick. Apparently I chose unwisely.
I picked SV. While I would say that I enjoy Force just a touch more than SV, SV is way more intense.
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I think a closing announcement like that is kind of weird. I think I'd prefer if it was just some words on their website and maybe a picture. It's almost like they are excited that it's closing.
To put the numbers down bluntly, without relocating or removing any additional attractions in that area, Cedar Point has approximately 83,000 square feet of space to work with.

Some rides as examples that can fit into that space:
- Boardwalk Bullet @ ~53,000 square feet
- Smiler @ ~65,000 square feet

It's a good moderately sized plot of land if Cedar Point chooses to be space efficient with their addition.
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