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Sep 10, 2012
After going through all of the haunted houses this past weekend, I started keeping track of things I would like to see that might really scare the crap out of people. The one that I think is most lackluster is "13". I like the concept but it fails miserably, and I don't think that I am alone in this view. So if I were in charge of designing scares for that location, this is what i came up with: :idea:

1 - Insects: imagine the scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when they walk into the bug-filled tunnel in the dark. OK, the room is dark. Dangling, sticky spiderwebs. The sounds of many different bugs is blaring over the speakers (chirps, buzzing, scratching, chewing, etc.). The floor is covered with something that makes excellent crunching noises, like walking on thousands of insects. Eeeeeeew. For bonus yuck, drop harmless bits of styrofoam to simulate falling bugs into hair or whatever. Imagine the screams. Wahahahaha!!!!

2 - The Bathroom: As you enter the room from the hallway, you walk past a toilet flushing...but it begins to overflow!! You see the ookey-colored, smelly water getting higher and higher! Then just as it looks like it will goes back down. Is your heart racing now?

3 - Honey, I have to tell you something: turning the corner you see a woman speaking to a man. She says those dreaded words...(you know the ones) "I think I'm pregnant." :shocked: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! The man screams at the top of his lungs. He runs to the door but smacks straight into the wall, fracturing his skull. Blood and brains ooze out onto the floor.

4 - Clowns: so many people I know have a healthy fear of clowns for one reason or another. Just pack a bunch of them into a confined space that you have to walk through. Giggles, horns, paint & pies. Scary or really funny.

5 - A room that is set up like the waiting line at an amusement park attraction. It is roped off with very narrow paths, back and forth, back and forth, until you reach the door at the other side. The line of people looks like a snake. It is Busch Gardens on Saturdays!!! Oh no!! Long lines. Never-ending queues. Congestion. Overcrowding and maybe even a little claustrophobia. Ahh!!

6 - The same man from earlier has recovered now. He is sitting at the table looking at the mail. It is his daughter's cell phone bill!! OMG!!! He jumps up screaming and runs into the wall again. This time the wall gives as he smashes through it and disappears.

7 - Now we utilize one of those long, straight hallways. It is pitch black. You hear the sounds of traffic passing by on a busy highway. At the fa end of the passage, two lights appear, shining into your eyes. They begin to move towards you very quickly. A horn starts blaring. It gets louder and louder. You hear the deafening sound of screeching tires on asphalt from someone slamming on the brakes. Just as it appears that the "car" lights are going to hit you, they stop...slamming into a mysterious, invisible wall and make a really loud crashing sound with screams.

8 - the same "water" room or "fear of heights" that is currently in 13. It is the only thing I really liked. It made me have an authentic feeling of hesitation and fear as I tried to stay balanced on the narrow beam over running water far below. Excellent illusion!!

9 - another long corridor. It is pitch black (of course). You hear a little girl singly softly, not unlike the BG Howl-O-Scream commercial. It stops. You hear children laughing. Throw in the sounds of a playground swing going back and forth or the metallic grinding of a merry-go-round. It would give me the willies.

10 - We encounter the man from two different rooms in this maze yet again. His wife come over to let him know that the in-laws are coming to visit next week. He slowly takes out a gun, and shoots himself in the head. Bang!!

11 - Dimly lit room. A Busch Gardens employee standing in the corner pointing out to you which direction to go next. You follow the directions...and run smack into a wall. The employees says, "No! not that way. This way." Next room.

12 - A hallway filled with low-hanging fake hair, string, dirty mops. It smells really bad. It would scare me. Constantly worried about contracting lice or something from all the people that walk through and touch this mess.

13 - And the final room is...The Unknown (cue dun dun dun!!! music). This is the end of the road. There are three doors. One leads to the exit. One leads to a room filled with all the crap from the existing 13 rooms (minus the water room of course) and then to the outside. But the last door leads you down a long dark hallway which dumps out into the front of the Quick-Queue line for...13!!!! You get to go through again!!!! There will of course be some way of randomizing this three doors so people have to keep guessing which is which.

Tada!! This is just my silly dream anyway. Enjoy. :D
Is number 3 supposed to be fear of families? Oh and fear of cell phone bills? Just no...,

EDIT: your just trolling arn't you! Nevermind! It did get a few laughs out of me though.
Interesting thoughts but, those are kind of weak. I would love to see a much darker revamp. Fear of blood is filled with slaughter animals and there would be a pigman with a chainsaw in there. Than maybe something like fear of needles and it has a man being killed by multiple needs like a pinhead type of deal. Just a few "darker" ideas and suggestions.
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