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  1. BBW

    Electrifying Water Park Shocks Visitors

    This news certainly gave me a jolt.
  2. BBW

    Apollo's Chariot 20th Anniversary

    I, for one, refuse to accept this story as canon. As to the water cannons, long may they scare geese from Fabio, and everyone else!
  3. BBW

    Resolved BGW Vlogging

    The younger generation, and BGW Family, apparently! Back on topic, I like the channels best that are able to set a regular posting schedule, and stick with it. Obviously, for breaking news, you might have extra vids, but consider picking a realistic schedule that you can stick to, and...
  4. BBW

    Call for Ideas: New Membership Program Perks

    Heck, I just want the plastic pass, like so many of you are saying. A darn plastic pass card (with up to one included free per year, in your choice of BGW-inspired design) would feel like a real perk to me. Would a plastic pass card really be such a great expense? They sure seem resistant...
  5. BBW

    2018 Christmas Town

    We got there around 3 pm and at that point the parking lots looked so empty, as did the park. About dusk the park really seemed to start filling up quickly, as you'd expect, but though it was far from empty I think last Sunday was busier. Great day -- waited too long for the train, though...
  6. BBW

    2018 Christmas Town

    DH and I will be there. Just couldn't drag myself to the 'Burg today in the rain, though I bet the crowd was very light today. Hope tomorrow will be manageable. Last Sunday was fantastic -- just right -- not empty but not shoulder-to-shoulder. Though we weren't willing to wait for the...
  7. BBW

    2018 Christmas Town

    On another note, is Christmas Town often/ever closed due to rain? Thinking about going Friday, but it looks to be a very rainy day. TIA
  8. BBW

    A long overdue confession.

    So I have you to blame for the loss of my beloved Demon Street? Ye shall burn!! ... Oh, wait. Well, darn.
  9. BBW

    2018 Howl-O-Scream

    Ok, I miss Demon Street. Yes, I said it! That area of France seems less intense without it. And I kind of miss the pirate theme in Italy, mostly the pirate bar TBH. Though I do like the Garden of the Souls characters and theme, too.
  10. BBW

    Howl-O-Scream 2018 Opening (9/16/2018)

    So how are the decorations and such looking so far?
  11. BBW

    Howl-O-Scream Preview Night Meet-Up? (9/14/18)

    Just got an email from the park cancelling the Sneak Peek.
  12. BBW

    Howl-O-Scream Preview Night Meet-Up? (9/14/18)

    Crossing my fingers we all escape too much battering from Florence. Obviously might not make it if the weather at home or in the 'Burg is still an issue, as it may well be. 🌂😬
  13. BBW

    Howl-O-Scream Preview Night Meet-Up? (9/14/18)

    DH and I will be there.
  14. BBW

    Existing Dark Ride Battle for Eire

    You mean just watch with no headset? Good tip!
  15. BBW

    Existing Dark Ride Battle for Eire

    So am I the only one who never could get the show in focus? Do you suppose it was a bad headset, or just my terrible vision? I finally just had to shut my eyes and wait the whole thing out because it was going to make me violently nauseated. I never had any trouble with the other...
  16. BBW

    Resolved Should I ride Alpengeist?

    Interesting, I find the middle of Alpie to be the roughest in terms of unexpected head banging. I far prefer the front, but also enjoy the rear. But Alpie is one that I will absolutely wait longer for the front row if I have time, because the view is so much better, awa the smoothness.
  17. BBW

    Membership Program

    Sigh. They should be able to do that at BGW. HOWEVER, at this point I'd be happy if the bloomin' park was just open til 11 pm on Friday and Sunday nights (as well as Sat) in the height of the season. The daily hours are much too short to me. Then we'd be in a position to enjoy extra ride...
  18. BBW

    Membership Program

    Just FYI you can also print your own redemption ticket/voucher for things like the lanyard at the automatic ticketing kiosks. On the home screen there's an option for "member rewards" or similar - touch that option - scan your pass when prompted - and it prints the voucher. The lines at guest...
  19. BBW

    Membership Program

    I think it's incredible some EZ Pay Platinum to EZ Pay Premier conversions got a refund. Insane. But good fortune for those who did! We converted in March and didn't. Crazy BGW.
  20. BBW

    Membership Program

    I have read the whole thread and the BGWFans articles, but am a little lost - what was the final (or, final to this point) outcome on the refunds/discounts - who qualified for those, as best as you guys can tell? Was it folks who recently bought a pass under the old program, and paid in full...
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