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  1. Griff

    Recent Changes for the Better

    Well, we all know that the park isn't in the best shape of its life right now, but that doesn't mean that every single change has been for the worst. Take some time to share and appreciate the good changes, both big and small, that improved your park experience the last few years...
  2. Griff

    Magic Bands

    Thought this was interesting: I heard that Disney was investing a ton of money into these new high tech bracelets for guests. Basically, the bracelet is your ticket at the gate and also keeps track for you fast passes. Eventually they want characters to be able to access your info through the...
  3. Griff

    Prison Escape HOS House

    With Bitten (hopefully) on the chopping book next year, I decided to come up with what I think would be a cool replacement. The house would be prison themed and be called "Prison Escape" or something like that (I don't love the name). As you wait in line, you watch old security footage of a...
  4. Griff

    Guided Tour HOS house

    Ok, I know that this concept isn't fleshed out yet, but I was hoping that you guys could give me some good ideas and I could keep updating the OP until it was a true concept. Basically my thought is this, the two biggest problems that people have had with HOS houses in the past were...
  5. Griff

    What makes a ride an experience?

    I was thinking a lot about this. When does a ride stop being something that you could find at kings dominion or six flags, and start to become something special? Does it need sets and props along the ride? A good story? Maybe some kind of theming in the que? I think I've decided on one thing...
  6. Griff


    Ok I'll be the first one to post a thread in shows. I thought it was a great show, very entertaining and had some great stunts. The cast did a really great job I was expecting an awful show because it was at a water park but I was pleasantly surprised.
  7. Griff

    Daycare center

    After seeing a post about turning LotD into a daycare center (obviously wouldn't work) I got a great idea for where a daycare-ish center could fit in to BGW How about a free supervised play area (daycare) inside the upcoming resort. It could have some video games, a ball pit, maybe a...
  8. Griff

    Next Coaster Type

    The most popular response seems to be a modern wooden coaster, but there lots of different new coaster concepts that BGW could try their hand at.[hr]This is B&Ms new wing coaster concept. You can't see the track when you're ridding.
  9. Griff

    Defunct Art Attack

    Does anybody remember the show a few years ago where "Dig it up" is now? A guy on stilts would spend ten to twenty minutes painting a really recognizable picture upside down, and you couldn't figure out what it was until he flipped it over. Best show I've ever seen at BGW because it was...
  10. Griff

    Griff's HOS house concept

    [UPDATED] Ok, here's what we have so far, TONS of thanks to Party Rocker for helping to refine the idea. The idea is that Festa Italy will be transformed into a haunted and abandoned theme park/carnival. In front of the bridge leading to Festa Italy, a billboard like sign will read...
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