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  1. halfabee

    BGW Pins

    Is there a "that anachronistic fresco of the guy leaning against a building wall and drinking a Coke" pin yet? Maybe a Griffon wasp, or the water main behind Alpengeist's station.
  2. halfabee

    Existing Aquitaine (France)

    Superintendent Chalmers has some explaining to do.
  3. halfabee

    Project 2020 (MMXX): Pantheon

    Seriously, this. Decades of careful pedestrian-area design and screening in that whole area, starting literally with the initial design of San Marco in the late 1970s, successfully surviving both the advent of an entirely new area in the form of Festa in the 80s and then the unfortunate...
  4. halfabee

    Project 2020 (MMXX): Pantheon

    Those folks take their footers very, very seriously.
  5. halfabee

    Ideal and Likely Volcano Replacement Ideas

    Im fine with calling Invadr a wood coaster. If we didn’t, then the Coney Island Cyclone wouldn’t be one either.
  6. halfabee

    Project 2020 (MMXX): Pantheon

    Hard at work on a Monday.
  7. halfabee

    Project 2020 (MMXX): Pantheon

    He was basically the park's Gandalf. So wise. It worked so well for so long... and we all knew this whole thing was going to be cursed as soon as it started looking a bit Intaminy. We did. Crossing my fingers for Larry to return to the park dressed in all white someday...
  8. halfabee

    COVID-19 Impacts on Kings Dominion

    I’m quite sure that has been considered. And the first stop on that cognitive train probably was, “Well, increased testing isn’t causing all this death lately, so...” If the argument is that there’s a “catch up” effect in the testing, and that some proportion of the cases being spotted now are...
  9. halfabee

    Existing Roller Coaster Flight of Fear

    No, it is not.
  10. halfabee

    Project 2021: Festhaus Park Giga Coaster

    If that is really what the mega dollar Rhine-crossing giga was going to be, I'm sorry but that layout just looks like such a poor and odd choice. (Forget the vid, the overhead layout tells the story well enough.) Filling much of both Festhaus Park and Festa Field with... that. Thank god they...
  11. halfabee

    Alphabetic BGW

    Just let me ride Apollo one time, plzkthx
  12. halfabee

    Alphabetic BGW

    Dark skyline during Summer Nights 🙁
  13. halfabee

    Project 2021: Festhaus Park Giga Coaster

    Layout design by Togo.
  14. halfabee

    Lawsuit Claims Improperly Secured Restraints on Storm Runner

    One note... the dad claims the harness "could not be secured," which leaves open a variety of possibilities for what exactly happened. The kid was 9 years old and just tall enough to ride for the first time, so (e.g.) he might have been able to squirm out from beneath a U-bar that was not down...
  15. halfabee

    Attraction Existing Batwing

    Batwing is one of the very few rides that makes me a bit nervous each time I ride it.
  16. halfabee

    Existing Roller Coaster Flight of Fear

    No midcourse brake run on Mad Cobra. Extraordinarily similar to Joker's Jinx and Poltergeist, though it preceded both by a year or so.
  17. halfabee

    Existing Roller Coaster Flight of Fear

    They are very very very similar. Midcourse brake is the biggest layout difference.
  18. halfabee

    Existing Roller Coaster Griffon

    That's like the version of Griffon you'd see in a dream: CLEARLY Griffon, but with a different layout and comparatively tiny vehicles and an extraordinarily non-vertical second drop into a weird concrete shark mouth tunnel, inexplicably switching between track manufacturers mid-ride, and it...
  19. halfabee

    Roman Frieze

    This sort of thing happens to me sometimes too. Don’t ask how long it took me to notice “Toy Story” is an obvious play on “toy store.” I won’t even share that information.
  20. halfabee

    SeaWorld Isn't Paying All Its Bills

    So many sources of uncertainty... article quoting a guy quoting other people seemingly watching the process from afar. Yet some circumstantial evidence aligns. Hard to know what to suspect and/or anticipate. I do keep coming back to the number of incredibly damaging and short-sighted things I...
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