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  1. halfabee

    Manufacturer Marketing Videos

    Here's a terrific 80s-era Vekoma marketing video, sent by a friend of a friend. Lots of classics in here, flats and coasters, about half of which contain technology lifted directly from Arrow. The Canyon Trip ride (aka Gladiator's Gauntlet) appears at 4:00. Looks every bit as dull in Japan as...
  2. halfabee

    DIY Model Roller Coasters

    So. 3D printing has finally made it eminently feasible to fabricate seriously spectacular looking coaster models without buying commercial kits, and without literally hand-fabricating all of the complex curves on (e.g.) the minimalistic fiberglass of a B&M train. This has been a long time...
  3. halfabee

    "Nightscape" belongs at Busch Gardens

    The other day I found myself at Longwood Gardens, the 1,000 acre botanical gardens located near Philadelphia.  I was fortunate to behold an experience called "Nightscape" that completely blew me away. "Nightscape" is a series of breathtaking, vividly colored, moving light displays projected...
  4. halfabee

    Roller Coaster Physics

    Even with a 10mph rolling start at the top of the first hill, LNM won't top 60mph unless there is virtually zero aerodynamic resistance and virtually zero rolling resistance (bad assumptions, both) all the way down. Anything more is completely out of the question. And that is true even if the...
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