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    Park owner falls from coaster

    Sad news out of Michigan: WHIO Radio: Amusement park owner falls 30 feet from roller coaster.
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    New backlash directed at Scott Ross

    Interesting read:
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    New Soak City Coke Stand

    Well, this may not, under normal circumstances, be terribly newsworthy; but last week, KD filed for 4 sub-permits for a new refreshment building to be built at the water park. This would seem to indicate that prep-work is or has started for eventual (re)-opening. you can see the original permit...
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    Seas sued over pass fee collection

    Lawsuit claims breach of contract.
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    SEAS Seeks Federal Coronavirus Relief Loan

    More bad PR...
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    Seas taking on more debt
  7. J

    Tresspassers in SFGA Safari Area

    Okay y'all who's been sneaking around???
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    Thermas water park São pedro, Brazil

    So, one need only look at some of my unique post history to know that I have a soft spot for water parks, especially those that are innovating. My feed seems to understand this. But sometimes, I come across something truly terrible. This is one of those times. I'm posting this as a PSA to...
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    SeaWorld Isn't Paying All Its Bills

    So, this doesn't sound good..
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    Formula One

    Well there was some offtopic discussion in another thread and we had talked about making a racing thread but nothing materialized. Today there's some news worthy of making the thread. Aston Martin is coming back as a full team starting in 2021...
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    Leaked 2020 Menus & Prices

    A TM has leaked the food menus and prices for 2020 on FB. Posting them here (one post per venue). Link to the FB group that posted them: *Edit* done. @Zachary anything else you need?
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    New food selections coming?

    This group actually seems to have decent Intel unlike a number of others out there.
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    AquaMagis Plettenburg, Germany

    This video recently showed up in my feed. A stand up waterslide? Wow, that's a unique idea...
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    Canopies at ocean breeze

    Anyone (perhaps @lightninlady ?) Know what the prices on the canopies were in 2019? Website doesn't have any of that info published sadly.
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    Craziest amusement park rides

    Look we've all seen bad videos. This one is the worst I've ever seen. Ever. They literally start with a fake ride, and then proceed to show video of some extremely tame rides. Including superman: ultimate flight (the first premier rides SRII). SRSLY. I want to say it's so bad it's good...
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    Court Martial for SeaWorld Ticket Scalper

    This is truly sad. Seas tries to do something nice to support the troops and some bad apples take advantage to earn a few bucks.
  17. J

    Round Rock indoor water park

    Holy crap this thing is huge. 350 acres. An indoor freaking water coaster. What???
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    2020 Media Kit

    Today I saw my first "general" 2020 Busch gardens article so I'm guessing they have started to circulate the 2020 media kit. As usual, it leaves me with far more questions than answers. I think I need to wait for a few more articles to come out to try to shake out what is 'from the kit' vs what...
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    How To Define a “Drop”

    Some discussions about marketing and theme park's general "record seeking" led me to wonder when a drop angle stops becoming a drop. Or does it? For instance Takabisha has a 'drop angle' of 121 degrees. A 'hypothetical max' angle might be 180 degrees (fully inverting and riding a short...
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    Free Beer for Members Back for 2020

    This might be better suited to events as it's starting to become an annual thing, but free beer days are back for 2020: June 19-August 11. (It was advertised to start on June 28th last year, but I recall them ultimately starting it sooner):
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