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    Existing Roller Coaster Apollo's Chariot

    Damn corona
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    Existing Celtic Fyre

    Can confirm signage for anniversary :
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    Project 2020 (MMXX): Pantheon

    Yes, I was guessing since the hoist rigging is up in the background, looks like they were taking the pictures while putting them on ?
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    Project 2020 (MMXX): Pantheon

    Beauts !
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    News Project 2020: Iron Gwazi

    Hopeful for Pantheon
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    News Project 2020: Emperor

    Yuck, no thanks...
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    Project 2020 (MMXX): Pantheon

    Also volunteered to take over the account for free still no response ....
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    Project 2020 (MMXX): Pantheon

    I like to think my private messages over the past 3 days helped asking for pantheon photo updates... JK.... but seriously I’ve been asking....
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    Top Five Rides of 2019

    Closing have anything to do with its current restoration effort ?
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    Project 2021: Festhaus Park Giga Coaster

    This is my personal opinion but : If they see it they will come. I think that although it’s not neck and neck, Lochness Monster is technically not the best entrance location either were as people could tend to use the first path into Ireland. I think it will do just fine. Could they also use...
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    Existing Flat Ride Mäch Tower

    Anyone can correct me if I’m wrong, but i believe that the mechanisms for the lift such as the cable are on the outside whereas MT’s are on the inside. I believe this to be the main reason!
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    Existing Roller Coaster Flight of Fear

    Yeah I agree like WTF is this shit :
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    Existing Flat Ride Drop Tower

    I was gonna say, looks pretty rough (Greasy)
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    News Project 2020: Iron Gwazi

    Crossing our fingers for pantheon !
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    2020 Christmas Town

    There was some video ( not sure where or what video) where they addressed the decorations and stated that while putting up decorations, they work on various areas at once due to the spacing between events but when it comes to the takedown, they focus on one section and that decor at a time.
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    News Project 2020: Orion

    Cedar Fair does the minimum with train maintenance bays.....
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    Attraction Cheetah Hunt

    Well of course how else would you have a #BGTLandscapingProject2021? Got to clean out all the leaves and gunk !
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    2020 Christmas Town

    Yes this, the price of the Dollywood ticket is also the same as their regular park operating days.
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    Existing Roller Coaster Apollo's Chariot

    I also just found a pic of train number 1 from October and train 2 from September. Both with the emblem
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    Project 2021: Festhaus Park Giga Coaster

    Random idea: Would it be possible or would they consider the fins launching again after going back down the spiral ? Would it even be fun to even be shot back over that turn? Just was thinking of something different to add since the other fins could brake it just as easily.
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