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  1. Evan

    Ride Inspections

    Came across this little gem from a few months ago. These guys are contractors that do the track inspections for the larger rides at the park. Very interesting to watch and also very nerve racking. But the views are amazing!
  2. Evan

    Rebranding & New Multi-Level Go Karts Central Park Funland has announced they're changing their name to Fun-Land of Fredericksburg as well as an upgrade to their go-karts. I'm a fan of the go karts as their old ones were slow and each car was inconsistent...
  3. Evan

    It has been a great 3 1/2 years....

    I have been a user of the site since May 3rd, 2011. Way before the ParkFans Network had even begun to be any major thought. I was the typical user. I asked tons of questions and my spelling was bizarre (not like that still isn't the case these days). I was successfully lured into this site by...
  4. Evan

    Oktoberfest 2014

  5. Evan

    Safari Village Stage Coming in 2015

    Find out more information here!
  6. Evan

    End of Summer Music Festival

  7. Evan

    Bistro 75

    Wiki Page Coming Soon... ————————————— Bistro 75 is a new restaurant that opened July 31st according to forum member Joe. Bistro 75 is a full service restaurant that is placed next to the fountains across from the Emporium. At this time, the restaurant is under a trial run to see if this is something...
  8. Evan

    Making memories and new flagship park

    More confirmation that the attention will be going to Carowinds as opposed to Kings Dominion as they try to make a flagship park of the Southeast... Nonetheless, a great article to read!
  9. Evan

    Dominion at Dusk 2014 (May 24th - August 31st)

    Dominion at Dusk debuted in 2013 and has been brought back for the 2014 season. Dominion at Dusk consists of: Ignite the Night Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular Nightly Fireworks Dominion at Dusk is only available on 10pm closings. ————————————— Check out some pictures from it's...
  10. Evan

    Colossal Curl [2014-Present]

    New for 2014! Soft Openings: May 17th & May 18th Opens: May 23rd ————————————— For more information about Colossal Curl's construction, you may visit the former news thread.
  11. Evan

    Kings Dominion Quality Control Team

    I've said it numerous times and will continue to say it now: Even though Kings Dominion is changing a lot of aspects about themselves, they're not the perfect place to visit. We notice the things that look neglected and forgotten. This thread will serve as a place to share the needed repairs...
  12. Evan

    2015 - 2nd year of the 40th Celebration

    It's never too early to begin thinking about next season... As everyone knows, this season is not the park's real 40th operating year, but it is 40 years since the preview opening back in 1974. 2014 was also the "off year" for Kings Dominion, even though it brought many changes to the inside...
  13. Evan

    KDFans' #KD40 Celebration Ticket Giveaway

    I am pleased to announce KDFans' first contest: We will be giving away a single day admission ticket to Kings Dominion to four lucky winners on March 28th! You can view more details and how to enter here! Thanks everyone and good luck!
  14. Evan

    Coca-Cola Marketplace (??? - Current)

    Wiki Page Coming Soon... ————————————— Located in Planet Snoopy and Safari Village Serves fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy snacks, and drinks
  15. Evan

    International Street's Beer & Wine

    Wiki Page Coming Soon...
  16. Evan

    Fountains and Floats (2014 - Current)

    Wiki Page Coming Soon ————————————— New for 2014! Will be serving floats, malts, hand dipped ice cream, and flavored soda.
  17. Evan

    Defunct The Lost World 3D

    Wiki Page Coming Soon ————————————— New for 2014. It has come to my attention that this show might be the following:
  18. Evan

    2014 Kings Dominion Deals and Discounts

    Season Pass Deals ————————————— For the latest season pass prices, please visit this thread. Active Deals ————————————— Currently there are no deals at this time. Last Update: 11/15/2014 ————————————— ————————————— Online Only --  $3 off of the 2014 Souvenir Bottle [Feburary 26th - Unknown] [br] Online Only...
  19. Evan

    General Assembly Commends KD for KD40 Celebration

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