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  1. Luke

    News “Urban Explorers” (Trespassers) Hit Major Parks After Hours

    Law enforcement say they are investigating videos posted on YouTube that show people trespassing inside Disney and Universal theme parks after hours.
  2. Luke

    Fuelrod Lawsuit

    I believe these are at Busch Gardens too.
  3. Luke

    2020 Busch Gardens Schedule

    Not very detailed....
  4. Luke

    Universal Orlando actor fired after flashing hate symbol

    Universal Orlando character fired after flashing hate symbol on biracial child's shoulder
  5. Luke

    News Carl Lum leaving Seas

    Carl Lum is leaving Seas
  6. Luke

    News Man kicked off Busch Gardens children’s ride claims discrimination

    Man kicked off Busch Gardens children’s ride claims discrimination TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Shane Moore wants policies reviewed after an embarrassing incident at Busch Gardens. Moore and his friends were at the park Sunday when he tried to get on Gwazi Gliders, a children’s ride, with a friend’s...
  7. Luke

    Kings Dominion Parking Lot

    Neat to see all the old cars.
  8. Luke

    Old Kings Dominion Sign pics

  9. Luke

    Water Ski Shows

    Here are a few pics from long ago of Water Ski shows on Lake Charles.
  10. Luke

    Defunct Water Ride Racing Rivers

    Racing Rivers Not familiar with this one either.
  11. Luke

    Defunct Flat Ride Wacky Wheels

    Never head of this ride...a few pics I found.
  12. Luke

    Defunct Flat Ride Mount Kilimanjaro

    Old pics of a ride I never heard of.
  13. Luke

    Kings Dominion Construction photos

    Here are pics from when they were building Kings Dominion.
  14. Luke

    Kings Dominion Master Plan

    Here's the original master plan for Kings Dominion.
  15. Luke

    Naked Man Tased & Arrested in Parking Lot

  16. Luke

    Defunct Mad Night

    I don't remember this show but it was in the Abbey Stone Theater. Video is from May 8, 2003.
  17. Luke

    Employee Crashes Into Gate

    Police: Water Country employee quits, speeds through guest lot and crashes into gate Source:,amp.html
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