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    On Capacity & Riders Per Hour

    I saw this recently: - Vortex at Canada's Wonderland did 719 riders per hour and apparently beat The Bat at Kings Island. My beloved Arrow Suspended coasters apparently aren't line-eaters. And it made me think about ride...
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    Best & Worst Restraints

    With the tragic confirmation of the Comfort Collars on West Coast Racers I might as well post this topic. Best: RMC second generation. A lap bar with grip handles is the best of both worlds. Free and relatively open when you want it, but the grip is far enough down that it actually helps...
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    Favorite areas of parks?

    What areas of amusement/theme parks have completely charmed you, be it by the rides inhabiting it or just the ambiance? My favorite area would be Aquitaine at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, followed by the Boardwalk at Knott's Berry Farm. Both are anchored by especially handsome roller coasters...
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    Where do you draw the line between family and thrill coasters?

    Didn't see a thread about it here, so I'm posting this. One thing I judge parks on is the selection of family coasters. Coasters that won't scare the pants off kids and make them into lifelong non-riders. Not really a problem for me any more, more so for local kids. I read an article...
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