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  1. mtpelepele


    I agree, I though it was a lot of fun. Plus, I felt obligated to see it. I was right there with everyone complaining when that first trailer came out. Those weird human teeth were just creepy. But, when a studio listens to the public and spends millions on rework, I'm going to reward them...
  2. mtpelepele

    Project 2021 (?): Volcano Replacement

    Just for reference, here's B&M's Hot Go wing coaster layout situated between Avalanche and FOF. It's a compact, 6 inversion layout, 118' tall. Easily fits, doesn't need to cross over anything, and leaves a bit of room for a flat or two just for kicks. And this is just plopping down an...
  3. mtpelepele

    SeaWorld Sues Carl Lum

    Apparently, SeaWorld is suing Carl over a non-compete clause. I hadn't known he went to work for Herschend. Also didn't know his full name is Carleton! SeaWorld Sues Ex-Park President Who Left for Dollywood Company
  4. mtpelepele

    Project 2021 (?): Volcano Replacement

    Gatekeeper is a very different shape than what would fit for KD. It's an out and back layout, and wouldn't work in that space at all. Try something like Flug der Dämonen at Heide Park. A more compact layout like that would fit easily, without even needing to cross over FOF. (And just for...
  5. mtpelepele

    Existing Flat Ride Drop Tower

    Call it Newton.
  6. mtpelepele

    Project 2020 (MMXX): Pantheon

    So, did Busch get an additional variance for the lighting on Pantheon? I thought their height variance specifically prohibited uplighting?
  7. mtpelepele

    Pre-1992 Videos

    Alpen Express came from Lakeside. One of KD's trains is at BGT.
  8. mtpelepele

    Existing Roller Coaster Loch Ness Monster

    West Coaster is 15 miles from Hollywood, and doesn't require shutting down a major amusement park for filming. The coaster isn't great, but it is photogenic, especially with the pier and the ferris wheel.
  9. mtpelepele

    Existing Roller Coaster Loch Ness Monster

    Of course, the most seen coaster in popular culture is Westcoaster. TV shows, commercials, movies, I've even seen it represented in cartoons and stop motion!
  10. mtpelepele

    Blackfish Backlash

    Translation: We make too much money from Disney related sales, so we're going to make sure we write in enough exceptions so we can profit.
  11. mtpelepele

    2019 WinterFest

    Four Drummers Drumming was beside the Safari Village entrance last year. That's a nice, quiet area, it will be a good location for Sounds of the Nativity.
  12. mtpelepele

    New GCI Woodie for China

    Those drops are getting closer to something I've always wanted to see. The best part of Son of Beast was the loop. Wood track on basically a steel coaster spine and ties. I've always wanted to see someone build an entire wood coaster that way.
  13. mtpelepele

    Pointless Discussions

    You load sixteen tons, and what do you get... Oh, sorry, you said minOr! Happy birthday!
  14. mtpelepele

    2020 Howl-O-Scream

    Personally, I'm wondering if the tree maze they're building for Christmastown is designed for dual use. Could they build something used for both Howl-o-scream and Christmastown?
  15. mtpelepele

    BGW Contractor Hospitalized After Fall

    My wife and I were talking about this yesterday. It is simply a testament to the skill and dedication to safety of the workers that there are not more accidents. That is ridiculously dangerous work. Safety is not an afterthought, it comes first and foremost, which makes an accident like this...
  16. mtpelepele

    Concept Busch Gardens/Sesame Place/Water Country New Orleans

    Last time they were planning a new Busch Gardens was part of the complex in Dubai that fell through. That was announced after the sale of Anheuser Busch to InBev, but before InBev sold the parks. Quick search in the USPTO site lists Anheuser Busch as owning the Busch Gardens mark still. So...
  17. mtpelepele

    2019 Christmas Town

    Even stranger is that December 22nd is a Sunday. You'd think if they were saving it for the busiest part, it would be that Friday or Saturday. I do wonder if it is a typo, and should list November 22nd. That's a Friday, only one week after the event starts.
  18. mtpelepele

    I305 Retheme

    You never know, Cedar Fair may keep that license for all eternity. But in the meantime, it's just fun to play! I haven't had a chance to add railings, fences, retaining walls, and other fiddly bits, but here's what I have so far. Really, slap some paint on things, replace a car with a shuttle...
  19. mtpelepele

    Crane at WCUSA

    My guess would be moving the Pantheon track in the parking lot.
  20. mtpelepele

    I305 Retheme

    So, the Intimidator contract can't last but so long, so she'll need to be rethemed at some point. I present Project Galaxi. A little nostalgia, a little of the space theme from Orion, and something that can be continued from Flight of Fear, making a unified theme for this area. I based the...
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