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    A Walk Around with Josh D'Amaro

    I will prelude this post with the fact that I have worked at multiple theme parks literally my entire livelihood. My opinions are based on my experience as well as what I have learned from others. When it comes to part-time positions versus full-time positions, it is dependent on the park and...
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    Star Wars Stage Show Closing

    Probably because the stage is built on parade floats and was constantly driven into place and back stage every day.
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    2020 Christmas Town

    I remember one year, they were still taking lights off Christmas trees in July back behind the Festhaus and DarKastle.
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    Immediately hiring over 2,000 part-time positions.

    The last large scale job fair was like 2010/2011, since then they have had small scale job fairs. TBH most folks hired at a job fair at BGW don't last more than one year.
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    News Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Symphonic Suite - Grammy Winner

    Reading the article, it seems like there is just one track that got the Grammy (at the entrance/exit areas for the land), whereas through the remainder of the land is where the mix of other tracks comes in.
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    News Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Symphonic Suite - Grammy Winner

    I believe most of the music is made up of tracks from Star Wars movies and such. I didn't think there was anything too original to the land?
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    Existing Flat Ride Der Wirbelwind

    The difference is park fans goes out of its way to hunt down any information about rides/shows, etc. that haven't been announced yet and the park doesn't want people to know. This is just some small minor thing; while they may care, park fans is the bigger fish to fry.
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    2020 Christmas Town

    Yes, lets fully staff and operate coasters that only a select few handful of people really want to ride in freezing cold temps. It is more cost effective to just keep the rides closed. Yeah some years it will be warmer than others but still, think of all the planning that needs to happen. The...
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    Park Buy-outs

    The park did at one time posted in their site or an advertisement somewhere about buying out the park, and they included a base figure.
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    Park Buy-outs

    Someone could contact the parks marketing department and inquire about a price, get a quote perhaps?
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    Attraction Project 2019: Rise of the Resistance (East)

    Is there any actual feedback about the ride or is everyone only solely concerned about how to get on the ride?
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    WCUSA Hit Capacity on 5/26

    Guests are never directed to park alongside the fence line. That space is reserved for team members. If you as a guest parked there, it is because you did not follow the directions of the team members directing you to either the administration lot or employee lot.
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    Service Animals

    On the topic, yes there are only two questions that can be asked; Is it a service animal? and What service is it trained to provide? Generally, most people who try to pass off their house pet as a service animal will not be educated in the intricacies of the law and say it is emotional support...
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    Busch Gardens Quality Control Team

    just because it looks well-practiced does not mean it is gang-related.
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    Rumored April 2019 Layoffs

    SEAS had brought in an efficiency team to determine what can be cut.. continue to expect layoffs.. the team is still around.
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    New Stroller, Smoking, and Ice Policies

    vapes have a lot more chemicals than smoke machines, jus sayin
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    Metal Detectors Installed at BGW

    BGW has plenty of cameras at the front entrance; the biggest reason for their placement is defintely weather related, but the other end of that is space. the previosu bag check area is much more narrow and tight. They would have to use less metal detectors. personally i dont see why they cant...
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    Project 2020 (MMXX): Pantheon

    jus saying, no matter how you slice it 25 mil is alot of cash, especailly considering most people only make 20-30K a year, do yall have 25 mil lying around to blow?
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    Defunct Wirbelwindchen

    Zach's post was the cause of confusion ... the way he quoted the article mislead readers into thinking the seating area was for entertainment. also if you guys think bgw pays ride ops $12/hr you must be insane. ride ops get like $9.80 maybe $10/hr if that.
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    Metal Detectors Installed at BGW

    they are metal detectors - they can be adjusted to detect how dense the metal is. that is why if you leave the stuff in your pockets where its more spread out, it doesnt go off, but if you hold it altogether the detector sees the metal as more dense. basically your cell phone being more dense...
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