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  1. Unagi

    Project 2020 (MMXX): Pantheon

    I see a Pantheon ad at least twice a day on Facebook. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Unagi

    Forum Software Bug Reports

  3. Unagi

    News Project 2020: Iron Gwazi

    Watch him try to bring some stolen crab legs on the ride and take a selfie while holding those up on the first drop!
  4. Unagi

    News Cirque du Soleil's "Drawn to Life" Debuting in 2020

    They are only doing one show each night during the preview period from March 20 through April 16 so tickets have sold out faster. The official premiere is April 17 so after that they will go to their regular two performances each night with Sunday & Monday being their dark days. This is the...
  5. Unagi


    Happy Birthday!!!
  6. Unagi

    Existing Roller Coaster Alpengeist

    I've been riding Alpie since opening weekend and don't really find it any rougher than it used to be but I agree with @Connor that it definitely rides smoother with a full train. So with that being said, if the park needs to spend money to modify it they should just add a row of seats to the...
  7. Unagi

    What park is this?

    Are those the only pictures you have of this park? It might be easier if there were more distinctive rides around. I've never seen a boat ride that cages the riders in like that one. If nobody here can help you your best bet would be to get in touch with NAPHA (National Amusement Park...
  8. Unagi


    We lost a legend from Hollywood's Golden Age today. I'm gonna watch Spartacus in his memory!
  9. Unagi

    News Project 2020: Ice Breaker

    Tim Tracker mentioned in his recent Ice Breaker Hard Hat Tour vlog last week that the minimum height requirement will be 48-inches. Here's the video. He mentions it starting at the 4:30 mark...
  10. Unagi

    Defunct Dark Ride King Arthur's Challenge

    BEC executives got their asses clowned BIG TIME at this convention!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  11. Unagi

    What are you listening to?

    Playing Gang of Four all day in honor of lead guitarist and vocalist Andy Gill, who lost his fight today from respiratory problems. The Post-Punk/New Wave Era just lost a legend. Gill inspired many artists like Kurt Cobain, Michael Stipe, Red Hot Chili Peppers and bunch of others.
  12. Unagi

    News Cirque du Soleil's "Drawn to Life" Debuting in 2020

    Here's the link for Drawn to Life ticket purchases. Cirque du Soleil has a really good ticketing system for their resident shows in Vegas and also their worldwide touring shows under the Big Top. You can pick the exact seats that you want if they're available. Cirque du Soleil & Disney -...
  13. Unagi


    Anyone remember Goldberg from the Mighty Ducks? This is sad as hell! Meth is a helluva drug!
  14. Unagi

    WDW Dining

    Yes the food is awesome but I also love how it's semi-table service as they have CMs to assist you in the dining area where you don't even have to clean up after yourself when you're done with your meals. They'll even get you utensils if you need them.
  15. Unagi

    WDW Dining

    Skippers has gone down hill and it was awful the last time I went. I ordered the "Taste Like Chicken Because It Is" and the bed of rice it sits on was so overcooked that it was basically a congee. The chicken itself was also bland. Tiffins at DAK is great but I'd rather just eat at Satu'li...
  16. Unagi

    What Happens in Vegas....

    VEGAS - The "Scrappiest" Place on Earth! 😂
  17. Unagi


    Neither do I and as funny as Wanda Sykes is about the show she's 100% right!
  18. Unagi

    Project 2020 (MMXX): Pantheon

    They would just say “Fake question?”
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