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  1. Joe

    BGW Contractor Hospitalized After Fall
  2. Joe

    2020 The Grand Carnivale

    Tony Johnson confirmed during the ACE Q&A event that Grand Carnivale will be back next year.
  3. Joe

    Denis Callinan Named New Executive Chef

  4. Joe

    I’m 😤 done 😪

    ⏪Last⏪ 🌝night🌙 I went to a 🎠park🎢in Williamsburg, 🇺🇸VA🇺🇸 and had my ❤️heart 💔broken 😭. I've always had a 💪strong💪 emotional 🥰connection🧲 to the 🎢park🎠, but 👉tonight🌛was the 👆first 1️⃣ 🌝night 🌚that 🧲connection🧲 has 👉lead👉 me to 😰 tears 😭. I've seen 👀 the 🎢park🎠 go through 👎bad👿 times ⏰ and I've...
  5. Joe

    2019 Entertainment Lineup

    A handful of new shows have been revealed by the 2019 park map which was released today: Gravity: A Cirque Experience debuts in the Kings Dominion Theater. This show premiered at Kings Island in 2018. Country Crossroads and Twisted Groove, two different shows both premiering on the "new" Candy...
  6. Joe

    Major International Street Renovation

    Kings Island's International Street is getting a huge renovation for the 2019 season. The park is promising a new entryway, updgrades to the building facades, an upgraded fountain with LED lights and programming for nighttime shows, new pavers and landscaping, and even "the ability to get closer...
  7. Joe

    Tornado Removal

    Tornado has been removed from the park’s website. RIP.
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    Existing Jurassic World: The Ride

    Universal Studios Hollywood tweeted today that Jurassic Park: The Ride will close this fall to be re-imagined as a Jurassic World-themed ride opening in 2019. The new ride's description, as seen here, makes me wonder if it will just be the same flume ride with a more modern theme: Also, as...
  9. Joe

    News Project 2019: Sesame Street Land

    Source - Orlando Weekly
  10. Joe

    2018 Taste of Virginia

    Taste of Virginia returns for its second season this Friday! The park has released some additional information about this year's expanded event. Their website doesn't allow me to copy the text, so I'll direct you to the link here. The biggest news here is the addition of a "Wine Garden" in the...
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    2018 Entertainment Lineup

    The park has released their 2018 show lineup. New Shows Deep End Dance Party The sun is shinin’, the beat is pumpin’ and Soak City is hotter than ever! Popular music, dancing, pool games and trivia are guaranteed to make your visit to the park this summer really sizzle! It’s DEEP END...
  12. Joe

    New Executive Chef Onboard

    According to the Kings Dominion's website, it would seem the park has hired their new Executive Chef!
  13. Joe

    2018 Passholder Preview Night

    The park has shared on their website that Passholder Preview Night is back for the 2018 season and will be on Friday, March 23! Like last year, the event takes place only from 5 - 9 pm. Kings Dominion has hinted on social media that Twisted Timbers will be open for the event, but nothing...
  14. Joe

    2018 Entertainment Lineup

    Nothing official has been released, but based on the park's auditions page, it looks like both the Clown Band and Turn It Up (or at least a Turn It Up-like show featuring both vocals and musicians) are returning for 2018. The park will probably release the finalized show lineup in a month or so.
  15. Joe

    Haunt Voted 2nd Best Theme Park Halloween Event

    Halloween Haunt at Kings Dominion was voted the runner-up as best theme park Halloween event by USA Today. Fear Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain came in first place. Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens Williamsburg placed eighth.
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    Cedar Point & Kings Island Touring Tips?

    Hey everybody! I'll be heading to Ohio next week for my first visit to Cedar Point and Kings Island. I'll be spending Monday and Tuesday at Cedar Point, and the second half of Wednesday and all of Thursday at Kings Island. With the exception of Wednesday, I plan to spend the entire day at the...
  17. Joe

    Attraction Defunct Boomerang

    Another Vekoma bites the dust. [tweet=]
  18. Joe

    2017 Entertainment Lineup

    [facebook=] Of Kings Dominion's eight shows in 2017, six of them are new: - Charlie Brown's Jungle Journey is a children's musical show in the Peanuts Playhouse - Peanuts...
  19. Joe

    International Street Fountain Show Coming in 2017

    Coming in 2017: Snoopy's Symphony of Water Link It's been four seasons since the Royal Fountain received its major technological upgrade, and that new technology is finally being put to use! As someone who has wanted to see a true fountain show at Kings Dominion for years now, I'm...
  20. Joe

    Bottle-free Season Pass Drink Plan coming in 2017

    Looks like the idea of a bottle-free all-season drink plan that Cedar Fair has been flirting with has finally become reality. Link This plan might make me feel guilty as it would certainly be a waste of disposable cups, but from a practical standpoint, I'm really looking forward to not having...
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