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    Stranger Things coming to HHN 2018

    Just got an email from universal talking about the inclusion of Stranger things into HHN 2018 "THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING Halloween Horror Nights™ takes you deep inside the haunted world of STRANGER THINGS. From a vile, secret lab to the terrifying Void to the monstrous reality of the Upside...
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    SEAS on Netflix's Mega Food Series

    I tried to post this earlier and I'm not sure what happening with my computer but i cant find it. Anyway... BGT was featured on Netflix's Mega foods First season (episode 4 i believe). It was a pretty interesting look into the culinary department at BGT. It even touches on the zoology side of...
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    What is scarier? Haunt ideas

    I hope no one minds me asking this, i asked it in this section because it does not have anything to do with any parks. In our soon to be weekly planning meetings for the haunt i am a part of a question was raised what scares people? I thought here would be a great place to pose such a question...
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    Event Fright Fest 2018

    Do they still allow the actors to ride the rides with you? there were a few zombies on some of the rides the year i went.
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    News Teens Beaten at Scarowinds

    I'm hoping that the company can better staff their security for the park no one should feel unsafe when they go to have fun. Also id hate for Carowinds to get the reputation that SFA has.  ...
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    10/23/15 meet up?

    I will be going spending a bit of time in october @ BGW. Im interested in meeting y'all. Ill be there all day. Its a friday. PM me for details :)
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    2015 Howl-O-Scream-Music

    Is the only area that uses music during HOS Festa Italia? I know the year i was there they used nox arcana. I was mildly curious if they used other music in different terror-tories.
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