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  1. Connor

    2019 Howl-O-Scream

    Yes, it's extremely common for HHN to not be complete the first weekend. Many set-pieces in scare zones aren't put up due to weather or time limits due to the event starting so early. Most fans of the event acknowledge that the event is going to be incomplete the first weekend. For example...
  2. Connor

    Defunct Howl-O-Scream 13: Your Numbers Up

    I want to say 13 was the longest maze the park ever did according to a blog post from a few years back edging out Bitten. I think the estimated time by the park was "13" minutes, however runs varied due to the immense amount of stacking. I personally feel that I identify as Flower Power.
  3. Connor

    What are you listening to?

  4. Connor

    News Project 2020: Mako

    Also, allows for Orlando to have a unique name that is associated with only that park and gives San Diego a name that hasn't been used in the chain and provides a more general theme that can easily be done. The shark exhibit is several minutes away from where this coaster will be located in a...
  5. Connor

    News Project 2020: Iron Gwazi

    They played the POV at the media day and then uploaded it to as well as the park site. For those in the 757, they also eventually allowed users of COX cable to view the POV on their TV which in 2006 was extremely sweet. Very disappointed to see SEAS have a massive record...
  6. Connor

    News Project 2020: Ice Breaker

    Is it becoming standard for Premier to add comfort collars to coasters? It’s very confusing to see a train design that works fine at numerous North American parks be be retrofitted with comfort collars. Maybe it’s for insurance purposes?
  7. Connor

    Project 2020 (MMXX): Pantheon

    Probably one of the best social media interactions I've ever had with the park.
  8. Connor

    2019 Howl-O-Scream

    2011 is still my favorite year by far. It was an incredible blend of beautiful scenery, intense scares, and also some very fresh changes in the line up. It seems ever since Raybourn left the event, it has lost direction and is struggling to figure out it’s own identity. I think Gasparich shook...
  9. Connor Updates & Changes

    When are we getting the wiki back?
  10. Connor

    2019 Halloween Haunt

    Found this little snippet in the definition of the Masquerade scare zone. "Part party, part scare zone, guests are invited to mix and mingle with the height of the undead high society and those 21 and older can dare to try the specialty cocktails. Be sure to grab a selfie with the Duke and...
  11. Connor

    Event Halloween Horror Nights 2019

    There’s quite a large amount of theme park vloggers and extreme HHN fans hidden in there. It’s always so awesome to see just how loyal everyone is to this event and how much it has grown.
  12. Connor

    Daily Crowd Updates & Park Status

    Yes, but the definition of busy varies as there will be quiter days with three and busy days with two.
  13. Connor


    Nah, it’s more like the line for HyperSonic XLC.
  14. Connor

    What are you listening to?

  15. Connor

    Walibi (Holland) RMC Conversion - Untamed

    Wow, guess this ride might need to be, tamed.
  16. Connor

    Ripper Row Replacement

    This in all honesty was one of the core reasons why I think HOS was so successful is because it built off of the pre-existing theme and amplified it making the whole park more immersive. In 2009 it was incredible to see the park have a very European theme relying on the backgrounds that the park...
  17. Connor

    News Project 2020: Ice Breaker

    If they announce a new coaster, @Zachary told me that he would marathon Wild Arctic for a full day.
  18. Connor

    2019 Howl-O-Scream

    The Reaper was located as of Friday in the employee lot to the back left by Busch Rd and is visible from the first drop on Griffon.
  19. Connor

    Existing Oktoberfest (Germany)

    Yes and I enjoy the jams, but it’s also Oktoberfest. I go to the park to escape and be immersed in a place I can’t find anywhere else. I don’t need to listen my post run playlist at the park.
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