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  1. Connor

    2017 Howl-O-Scream

    Here we are another year of Howl-O-Scream in the books. 2016 brought along a new house Circo Sinistro, a new Terror-tory (scarezone?) Sideshow Square, and upcharge Escape Rooms in Germany. With the aging Bitten and Catacombs from 2009 still part of the line up will they finally be replaced...
  2. Connor

    Independence Fireworks July 3-5

    While Star Spangled Nights is now gone the park will still show it's American pride by having fireworks July third through fifth. Based on the description used for the event I assume they will be utilizing the Star Spangled Nights soundtrack and firework display during the event.
  3. Connor

    Busch Gardens Williamsburg Recipes

    Since there was never a specific thread for recipes I guess there should be a place to put them. Source Source
  4. Connor

    Josephine's Creamery de Chocolat

    The new dessert shop replacing La Grande Glace in France located in the old Bistro 205.
  5. Connor

    Top Five Additions, Improvments, and Changes of 2014

    As the 2014 season comes to an end its time to take a look back at some of the best additions to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. 2014 was an excellent year for the park with a whole plethora of new additions and changes to the park. Every time I went to the park it was a new experience around every...
  6. Connor

    Vote for me for the BGWishmas contest!

    I submitted a wish to the park asking if I could talk to the higher management of the park and ask them questions like what do you see for the future of the park, where do you get ideas, and just ask them questions in general. The park thought it was a reasonable wish so I made it into the...
  7. Connor

    O'Sullivan Air- A re-theme of Europe in the Air

    Many know Ireland has changed quite a bit from it's original intentions with Europe in the Air. What was originally meant to be mythical mysterious land has been replaced with a
  8. Connor

    The Old Country is still here

    Over the past few months the park has supposedly been bashed because there decreasing the quality the experience and the theme of Europe. I for one never experienced the park back in the day but I did from 2001-today. The park was magical back then and as for today, still takes my breath away...
  9. Connor

    2015 Howl-O-Scream

    Ah as the leaves have invaded the yard, the chainsaws are are in the shed, and the candy has mysteriously vanished from your house, you know Howl-O-Scream is dead. 2014 brought some new things to the table. Monster Stomp on Ripper Row Igor's Fright Feast Vampire Vogue Wendigo Woods All of...
  10. Connor

    KD Haunt XIV Review

    Ah as the leaves fall and the Christmas ads start up and you go "Hey uh isn't there a holiday in October?" Well yes, yes there is. Halloween has grown to be quite the popular holiday this year I decided to try something new. After visiting HOS for over ten years I decided to add Haunt to my...
  11. Connor

    Vehicular Games

    Over the years these side attractions have moved around from place to place in the park but are still the same attraction at heart. Here's a picture of the little set up they used to have by Nessie.
  12. Connor

    Ebola in the US

    From USA Today. Well this isn't good.
  13. Connor

    Busch Gardens Williamsburg Model

    While digging around on the internet on found these photos. Does anyone have any information on these?
  14. Connor

    Field of Nightmares

    When going through CTC I kept thinking how similar some scenes felt to past houses. Then it hit me. A house that showcases past haunted houses.
  15. Connor

    Thank you

    On September 13 2009 I discovered a small website called BGWfans. Finding it was like a kid going to Disney for the first time. I was ecstatic with excitement. I read about Howl-O-Scream,Drachien Fire,BBW and Rumor galore. I was in Busch Gardens Williamsburg paradise. I then found something...
  16. Connor

    September 19 Meet-Up

    After not be able to visit the park since June I'm finally back for HOS! Last year all I missed was CTC and Bitten so it'll be a nice refresher to years past where I had nothing new to look forward to. I plan on hitting up all of the houses (depending on time), some coasters (specifically...
  17. Connor

    Park Maps

    I have a few maps from my Texas trip and I thought you guys would be interested. How to get one: I won't be mailing them because I don't want people to give away there address. Instead just PM me and I'll tell you the next time I'll be at Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens. This way I...
  18. Connor

    Hubba Hubba Highway

    Hubba doesn't' have a thread! Outraged member Connor makes in impact on the forums by making a thread for this five star attraction. I found this picture from opening year and boy does it look spacious. I don't really see a point as to why they didn't have anything in the middle for a few years.
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