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  1. horsesboy

    First trip advice

    I am going to be heading down end of the month for my first visit and am looking for any advice on the park that I can get. especially advice on larger rider fit on rides. also any food advice. Also is there early admission and ride times during the week for platinum pass holders?
  2. horsesboy

    Boy falls from a coaster at Lightwater valey

    A 6 year old boy was injured after falling from a coaster today
  3. horsesboy

    Staffing Cutbacks

    I have been very reliable informed that at a recent budget meeting the park was ordered to begin cutting payroll hours across the park. I have been informed that the current push is on front line employees and that we will be seeing few merch, culinary, and hosts in the park soon. I was...
  4. horsesboy

    BGW & KD Agreement

    So I can't think of a better location for this if someone sees a better spot for it and wants to move it that fine. Someone in one of the KD Facebook groups recently posted quite instantly that there is some sort of written agreement that gets renewed periodically between KD and BGW that...
  5. horsesboy

    New Concert Series Rumored

    I have some fairly but not completely solid info that sometime in either February or March the Pets Rule show will come to an end. The reasoning for its end isd to allow for stadium venue to be remodeled in order to host concerts similarly to what BGW did with the Royal Palace last...
  6. horsesboy

    Morning Show from BGW

    I was listening to John Reid who does the morning radio show on WRVA. Every Friday he does it from a different location in VA and said that this weeks show would be from Ireland at Busch Gardens Christmas Town. When he did one earlier this year from KD he had on lot of people talking about the...
  7. horsesboy

    Possible height test

    Saw this picture on FB it is claimed this was a height test balloon near Volcano. It certainly looks possible to me.
  8. horsesboy

    News Minor Ride Failures

    Apparently the pirate ship's breaks malfunctioned and they could not stop the ride for about 15 minutes today.
  9. horsesboy

    2018 Hersheypark Flooding

    I saw on FB thst yhe park reopened with several rides closed temporarily after having been closed do to extreme flooding over the last few days. I found these pictures of the flooding.
  10. horsesboy

    Detonation at Merchants Square

    The Williamsburg Police are investigating a possible explosive found near Merchants Square this evening. Here is what Wavy 10 is reporting
  11. horsesboy

    Detection Dogs at KD

    Kd has apparently added "detection dogs" to their security force. I saw one working the gate lines and there are signs informing guest of there presence. I would assume that they are there to detect weapons and threats but they could also be there looking for drugs. Glad the park takes...
  12. horsesboy

    2017 BBQ and Brew Fest

    I am at the BBQ and brew fest right and I have to say right now its a decidedly bad experience. They appear to be do all the food in house this year which appears to mean that all the booths are drawing from the same location for food which right now means that they ALL are out of most things.
  13. horsesboy

    2017 Coasting for Kids

    BGW is hosting a fundraiser September 9th that benefit Give Kids the World which is a special resort in Orlando that is exclusive for the families of seriously ill children. They do a lot of work with Special Wish and over groups to give these families a vacation that would other wise not be...
  14. horsesboy

    2017 Passholder Preview Night

    Kd posted this announcement on thier Facebook page of a pass holder preview NIGHT March 24. I think this is neet idea. I like the fact that they set it up in the evening so it doesn't compete with BGW to much. So who else is thinking about double dipping that day?
  15. horsesboy

    Pass Holder's Advisory Panel

    I revived an Email from the park with a survey attached to it. After completing it I was invited to join what they referred to as a pass hold's advisory panel and informed that through out the year more surveys and chances for input would be sent out throughout the year. This seems like a...
  16. horsesboy

    Yorktown Museum of the Revolution

    I went to the opening of the new Museum of the Revolution at the former Yorktown Victory Center.  I have to say I was pretty impressed by the way that they used multi media tools to tell the story of the revolution.  Especially the 4d movie that both very fun to watch as well as highly...
  17. horsesboy

    2017 changes

    CW released there plan for changes to the historical area today.
  18. horsesboy

    Festa Evacuation

    Just ginr done watching the fireworks security is evacuating Fiesta throu the Apollo chariot area anybody know anything?
  19. horsesboy

    Open September 10th and 11th

    Water Country is closed today because of the storm but is opening September 10th and 11th for one extra weekend of emd of summer fun.
  20. horsesboy

    News Workers Fired

    Carowinds fired 27 guest workers because they were drinking under age and had a run in with the police. This is despite the fact no arrest were made and no charges were filed. This seems to be a bit of an over reaction...
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