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  1. cschnizer

    Revenge of the Mummy

    I am so curious about how operations go for the Mummy. It feels like cars are dispatched every 27 or so seconds. I think it would make a great episode of some series I know on ElToroRyan's channel.
  2. cschnizer

    How do parks determine which attractions ride operators are assigned to?

    I am in the process of finalizing my application to be a ride operator at Kings Dominion. While very excited for this position, I am not sure what attraction(s) I may be positioned to work at. How do parks like Kings Dominion determine this?
  3. cschnizer

    Is there a layout standard for Disney coasters?

    I’ve made a lot of comparisons between roller coasters at traditional amusement parks and those at Disney parks. One thing I noticed is that elements on Disney coasters seem very drawn out, making it look as if the ride experience is not as intense as on most other roller coasters.
  4. cschnizer

    Launches and Block Sections

    Having watched ElToroRyan's video on Hagrid's coaster at Universal, I've definitely gained a new perspective on roller coaster block zones and how they can work with launch sections. When I first watched it, I was so overwhelmed with how block zones worked on Hagrid's and got frustrated trying...
  5. cschnizer

    Darkest Theming Elements in Attractions?

    Are there any parts of theming or storytelling in an attraction that you find scary or disturbing (not counting those at Halloween events)?
  6. cschnizer

    Blazing Fury

    GOODNESS ME! Are there ANY MORE attraction soundtracks I can find?!
  7. cschnizer

    Big Thunder Block Brakes

    So obviously a coaster like Big Thunder Mountain can’t run multiple trains simultaneously without block brakes. There’s just a few questions I have about them, and I will use the American versions of the ride as examples given that I am most familiar with how they work. So in case you don’t...
  8. cschnizer

    Coaster troll account?

    Hopefully this doesn’t get into the political side of things, but one day I was scrolling across Twitter comments about theme parks when I came upon an account claiming the coaster enthusiast community has issues with “child molestation.” I went onto their page, seeing they had no followers...
  9. cschnizer

    Caves on Tom Sawyer Island

    I remember my first time in 2008 getting on the island, and my younger brother ventured inside Injun Joe’s Cave. I was too scared to go into the darkness, so my mom went in to look for him while I waited outside. I remember hearing the sounds of howling wolves and I think ghostly moans, which...
  10. cschnizer

    Why is the overseas version of Big Thunder Mountain manufactured by Vekoma?

    The American versions of the Disney coaster Big Thunder Mountain were built by Arrow Dynamics (Disneyland’s was later rebuilt by Dynamic Structures). Overseas, however, at Tokyo and Paris, they were built by Vekoma. I don’t know the reason, but when
  11. cschnizer

    Big Thunder Mountain Splashdown Effect

    It's not the biggest part of the coaster but I've noticed in every version of Big Thunder Mountain except WDW there is an effect simulating the train splashing down through a pool of water, achieved by timed water jets beneath the tracks. While the WDW version apparently does not have this...
  12. cschnizer

    Lake Charles Boardwalk/Strip

    I've read a lot of posts about things like how BLSC should get an African retheme to fit with the vibes of Safari Village and other things. While this sounds satisfying with us, I think that elaborate retheming would be too expensive. Remember, Kings Dominion is an amusement park, not Disney nor...
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