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    2018 Christmas Town

    I even tried to purchase a $20 ticket for a friend for next weekend (I have platinum membership) but it wanted to tack on the $8.99 service charge. The member 'guest' ticket is $29.99 so probably better off just buying at park so we aren't tied to that date. It is hard to understand so many...
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    2018 Christmas Town

    I was going to purchase a ticket for a friend for next Sunday with the $20 'flash sale' - with only one ticket it is not really a savings over the member 'guest' discount since they tack on an $8.99 service charge... Oh well. I am better off just purchasing a $29 guest ticket at the park vs...
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    News New Pass Structure

    So the only 'down' sides may be the park specific benefits (e.g. monthly specials/members 'only' events and free/bonus tickets. Though you should still get a discount on guest tickets at any park. It is a big savings if you don't bring guests or care about the little monthly 'extras'.
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    Attraction Infinity Falls - Intamin Rapids Ride

    Nice! I went to Sea World Orlando on Sep 21 and they had runs of the ride with 'crash dummies' (not the live ones) but walls were down and you could view the ride. Returning Nov 4-8 and look forward to riding.
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    Discovery Cove Discounts & Tips

    Some of the other posts are older so checking in to see if others have had a good visit to Discovery Cove. Nicole's 2014 post said that they offer members discounts to Discovery Cove. Not sure how typical the discounts are but was excited to see the $99 discount including Dolphin swim for...
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    Consolidated Discovery Cove Trip Report

    They just had a monthly promo posted for October $99 including the dolphin swim on select days. I was already planning to visit Sea World and BGT Nov 4-8 so I just made a reservation for Oct 31. Unfortunately my daughter won't be able to go (booked the experience for 2) but trying to find a...
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    Discovery Cove Williamsburg

    I would love that. I just noticed a member promotion for October for Discovery Cove (if you log into the SeaWorld app you can see it even as a BGW member) it is $99 admission including the Dolphin swim select days. I was so excited I booked for two people to go on Oct 31. It will be my first...
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    Membership Program

    Hi - how do you get to the employee gate? I think I did it when I was a member about 10 years ago but haven't been back to area since and do not remember. Daughter is now stationed in area (military) so joined under the 'old' 2018 membership plan at $22 premier level (and she has the military...
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