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  1. J

    Abyssus at energylandia

    This really looks like a pretty solid vekoma shockwave.
  2. J

    Annual Pass Programs Canceled and Reduced

    Wonder if Florida will follow suit?
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    [Satire] Christmas "town" is a sham

    First off let's look at the definition of town: town /toun/ noun an urban area that has a name, defined boundaries, and local government, and that is generally larger than a village and smaller than a city. I want to focus on the government aspect. When were the Christmas "town" elections...
  4. J

    Expired ride permits at BGW

    I'm going to start off by saying that I have very little in way of 'professional experience' when it comes to amusement permits and operational inspection requirements... However, today I came across some interesting stuff. It appears that BGW has allowed the permits for multiple attractions to...
  5. J

    Disney Takes Control of the Morocco Pavilion

    Yes, some of the pavilions aren't owned by disney. No longer inclusive of Morocco.
  6. J

    Motion gate: Dubai to get a "John Wick" themed coaster

    I guess I didn't realize John Wick was so popular in the middle east?
  7. J

    Massive layoffs announced

    Poof. 28,000 jobs gone.
  8. J

    Class action lawsuit over COVID-shortened season
  9. J

    Punga lawsuit

    An interesting read. Get the popcorn.
  10. J

    Aquaventure Park Dubai

    Seriously Dubai gets the coolest stuff. If you watch nothing else scroll to 10:00 and watch "shark attack". Holy crap.
  11. J

    Leadership change at BGT

    They've hired former SFMM president at BGT and moved the current president to VP of zoos.
  12. J

    Coasters on Cruise Ships (Mardi Gras’ Bolt)

    Nifty video of the making of this coaster and some early ride footage.
  13. J

    Retheme Pinocchio

    Somebody stop the madness!
  14. J

    Unionization of SeaWorld?

    Well this will be interesting.
  15. J

    CF long term business plan for KD

    Recently leaked:
  16. J

    Explosive situation in Beirut

    My bowels would have departed my body if I were the one shooting this video:
  17. J

    Disney bleeding cash

    That's a lotta money!.
  18. J

    Splash Mountain Boat Fails to Float

    I've got a sinking feeling about this one...
  19. J

    Park owner falls from coaster

    Sad news out of Michigan: WHIO Radio: Amusement park owner falls 30 feet from roller coaster.
  20. J

    New backlash directed at Scott Ross

    Interesting read:
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