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  1. Thomas

    COVID-19’s effects on Go Karts Plus

    Since all the other parks are getting threads, this felt completely necessary.
  2. Thomas

    Animal Crossing Theme Park Designs

    This will be a new place for us to share codes for custom designs in Animal Crossing New Horizons. They don’t necessarily have to pertain to theme parks, but seeing as this is a theme park-related forum I think that could be the primary focus. I’ll start off with my Creator ID, which you can...
  3. Thomas

    Existing Bel Concertino

    I am at the show. It's good. Fits the theatre, exactly what you'd want to have while eating. Not some big Broadway production.
  4. Thomas

    This Website Blows

    Let's all go to a better website.
  5. Thomas

    Project 1207 B.C.

    Grug tell me BuK Gargen WillBrug will have wheel. Me like wheel. Me want fire too. Fire wheel be next big thing in industry me thinks. What yous be think?
  6. Thomas

    Project 5698

    Oh freddled gruntbuggly, Thy micturations are to me, As plurdled gabbleblotchits, On a lurgid bee, That mordiously hath blurted out, Its earted jurtles, grumbling Into a rancid festering confectious organ squealer. Now the jurpling slayjid agrocrustles, Are slurping hagrilly up the axlegrurts...
  7. Thomas

    Project 3012

    I've been hearing some rumors floating around that they may finally be converting Kinder Karousel to the new MagLev horses with simulated Bio-Realistic body functions. What do you all think; should the park leave this classic attraction alone or bring it into the new millennium?
  8. Thomas

    2018 Summer Nights

  9. Thomas

    News Six Flags Now One Flag

    Six Flags Over Texas has made the news... Article.
  10. Thomas

    Project 2018: Twisted Timbers

  11. Thomas

    News New Flat Rides 2018

  12. Thomas

    Williamsburg Harvest Celebration 2016

    _________________________________________________________ So, now that Howl-O-Scream is officially over and Christmastown is still a few weeks away, I'm sure everyone needs to fill the entertainment void. Luckily, The Historic Triangle is hosting the Williamsburg Harvest Festival this year...
  13. Thomas

    Best Burrito in the Park

  14. Thomas

    A Notice to the ParkFans Advisory Panel Winners

    Congratulations to the victors, and to everyone else... xkjjpoo2s68
  15. Thomas

    The Amazing Carl Lum Photoshop Contest

    What can Carl Lum not wait to show Buch Gardens Williamsburg's hopelessly devoted fanbase? You decide! Winner gets useless forum thanks, I guess.
  16. Thomas

    Christmas Town 4667 BC

    What change? What same? Me want true meaning of Christmas.
  17. Thomas

    Christmas Town 34095

    וואָס טאָן איר טראַכטן וועט זיין מוסיף ? אַוועקגענומען ?
  18. Thomas

    2015 Christmas Town

    What do you think will be added? Removed?
  19. Thomas

    2016 Christmas Town

    What do you think will be added? Removed?
  20. Thomas

    2017 Christmas Town

    What do you think will be added? Removed?
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