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  1. MAZ

    KOA campground

    We tent camped here on July 3rd and I thought I would share some info for anybody thinking of doing this. First off, this campground was clean and surprisingly nice. All sites are equipped with a picnic table and fire ring. You can pay a little more for a site with electricity. We chose just the...
  2. MAZ

    Trip Reports

    June 20th 2017 Well, here I go. I'll start with the fact that I really enjoyed my first trip ever to KI. I am on a work trip and had to leave my family back in VA, so I visited alone. The ONLY benefit to being there alone is my focus was all on the park instead of family. The park is freakishly...
  3. MAZ

    Three girls fall from Tennessee ferris wheel

    Seems that this week is full of tragedY. Hopefully these girls will be ok. Here is the report.
  4. MAZ

    Alligator Attack

    I never thought such a thing could happen at a resort on the doorstep of the Magic Kingdom. But it has. Update: According to several tweets, the child was on the...
  5. MAZ

    Power outage closes KD

    Was anybody here stuck on any rides? DOSWELL, VA (WWBT) - The lights are back on at Kings Dominion but no patrons are at the park after officials made the decision to close the theme park early Saturday evening after a power outage plunged much of the park into darkness. According to...
  6. MAZ

    Coaster shot of the Day

    The season is starting to kick into gear for me and tomorrow will be my fourth visit of the year. (Been spending too much time at KD this year :) ) I'm going to choose my best BG coaster photo of the day and post it here for the rest of the season. I encourage anybody else to add their best...
  7. MAZ

    Phantom Manor

  8. MAZ

    Games: Play Pass

    KD has adopted a new 'play Pass' game system. All midway games have been fitted with card swipers, replacing the old cash dispensers. In fact, they no longer accept cash at all! You must purchase a card at any one of the multiple kiosks around the gaming areas. I used the system for the first...
  9. MAZ

    April 16th 2015 Trip Report

    We spent 4 hours and 40 minutes driving to Carowinds from Richmond VA on Thursday night. We stayed at the Best Western across the street from the park. There's nothing special to report about the hotel except that it was VERY clean and the staff was VERY friendly. It just so happens that these...
  10. MAZ

    Hulk Down!

    Hulk got stuck today. Here is some footage.
  11. MAZ

    Cutting Costs OUR Way

    I have seen a lot of commenting in different threads about how people dislike the park's decisions relating to cutting costs. The latest being the 'reduced' operating hours. Really, I just want to know everybody's own idea of what should be cut and what shouldn't have. Where would you cut costs...
  12. MAZ

    Dogs vs. Cats

    I love Boxers! I've always had at least one of them since childhood. Post a picture of your favorite furry friend and cast your vote. I think dogs rule, but only one can end up the best. [attachment=9308]
  13. MAZ

    The Kings Dominion Law

    I have been keeping up with this in the news for a couple years now. I figured I would post my findings here on this law. Seems there are a lot of people that want this law thrown out. But luckily, there are people who don't! Here is the latest news on the subject...
  14. MAZ

    Verbulben: The Lightbulb Thread

    Yes Zimmy. My flashlight gets dropped constantly. It has even done a few laps around the inside of a CNC lathe. The protective glass on the face of it is gone, exposing it to the elements. But I cannot simply replace a bulb. I'm wondering if this is why the wolf eye LED's have not been replaced...
  15. MAZ

    Attraction Ninja (Arrow Suspended)

    Injuries on SFMM suspended arrow coaster Ninja. Hate to see something like this, please update if anyone else finds more information on this. Edit. After watching the video...
  16. MAZ

    The 'Ins and outs'

    I'm thinking about spending a week here with my family before fall. We've always gone to the Outer Banks and this place seems like an exciting change. My main questions are...Is there anyone on this forum that could share some 'out of towner' info on Dollywood? Cabins look nice for a weekly stay...
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