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  1. Nicole

    Dolly Parton, Dollywood, and COVID

    Interesting article on Dolly Parton with some insights on Dollywood and COVID
  2. Nicole

    The Orion Weight Loss Program

    One way to get into a media event. The essay began, “When people ask me how I did it, they usually think I’ll respond with Keto, Atkins, Paleo or even surgery. They’re wrong. My answer: Orion.” Kings Island...
  3. Nicole

    Possible Mini-Events During COVID Operations

    (Since Coasters and Craft Brews has been extended, I thought it made sense to give this concept a thread. I wasn't sure where it really belonged, when I first posted, but now it seems more relevant.) If the Coasters and Craft Beers event works out for the park, I've been pondering what other...
  4. Nicole

    Action Park: Fast Times, Wild Rides, and the Untold Story of America’s Most Dangerous Amusement Park

    New book about Action Park: An early survey of visitors to Action Park, a Vernon, N.J., theme park that opened in 1978 and...
  5. Nicole

    Defunct Roo Crew Live

    Roo Crew Live appears to have been a show in the late 1990s/early 2000s, tied into the Captain Kangaroo TV show reboot. According to several newspaper articles in 1997, it appears that the show was filmed at BGT and SWO: “Captain Kangaroo is returning to Sea World. An updated version of the...
  6. Nicole

    Season Pass Perks

    I came across this today:
  7. Nicole

    Holiday (C)Hills at HOS

    I have been thinking a lot about the perennial problem that both BGW and KD confront each year: how to take down their Halloween events and set up their holiday events in time. Especially with both parks reducing the time they have, it seems like an issue that isn’t going to fix itself. This...
  8. Nicole

    Existing Christmas Town Traditions Tree Trail

    The entrance has been moved to the side of the Festhaus. I think the new location is better. Also, it is pretty with the lights. Edit: Having now been through it twice, this attraction makes perfect sense to me. It has craft stations for kids based on several religious and cultural holiday...
  9. Nicole

    Kevin Lembke Returns to Williamsburg

    KEVIN LEMBKE RETURNS TO BUSCH GARDENS® WILLIAMSBURG AND WATER COUNTRY USA ® AS PARK PRESIDENT Williamsburg, Va. (November 1, 2019) - Busch Gardens® Williamsburg and Water Country USA® welcomes back Kevin Lembke as park president. Interim Park President Jeff Thomas will resume his role as...
  10. Nicole

    Existing Howl-O-Scream No Escape: Jack’s Twisted Terror

    Description from the park’s website: Jack has escaped The Vault and is ready to challenge guests in an all-new escape room. Ever wonder where Jack gets all of his frightening ideas for new Howl-O-Scream scares? From you! Once Jack gets his guests in the room, it’s a race against time to escape...
  11. Nicole

    Existing Howl-O-Scream No Escape: Grave Obsession

    Description from the park’s website: Walking through the door of this startling new Escape Room will put guest’s mettle to the ultimate test. Each choice made will lead guests further and further into a terrible reality, with a shocking revelation that will cause even the most adventurous to...
  12. Nicole

    Existing Trick or Treat

    This thread is for Trick or Treat, a maze which debuted in 2016.
  13. Nicole

    Existing No Vacancy: Condemed

    This thread is for the second generation No Vacancy maze, which debuted in 2018.
  14. Nicole

    2019 Count Spooktacular

    HALLOWEEN FUN FOR THE KIDS COMES TO BUSCH GARDENS® DURING THE COUNT’S SPOOKTACULAR WILLIAMSBURG, Virginia (Sept. 17, 2019) – It’s time to celebrate silly, not-too-spooky family fun at The Count’s Spooktacular at Busch Gardens® Williamsburg Oct. 5 – 27. Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. – 5...
  15. Nicole

    Golf-Themed Shop and Attraction in Heatherdowns

    So, I am standing in Heatherdowns, and it suddenly struck me that there is nothing golf-related. Wouldn't a golf shop do well?
  16. Nicole

    [April Fools 2019...?] Relaunch of the ParkFans Wiki

    As many of you may know, several years ago PFN had an associated wiki. In fact if you look at the OPs in established threads like those in the Attractions sub-fora, you will find references to that failed site. Over the last few months, the Admins have been discussing relaunching the PFN Wiki...
  17. Nicole

    Official Pin Trading Thread (KD)

    Since we opened a similar thread in the BGW sub-Forum, I decided to create a place for Forum members to offer and find KD pins, as well. This thread will be the only place on our Forum where members may share which pins they have available or are seeking for trade. Any actual negotiations must...
  18. Nicole

    Official BGW Pin Trading Thread

    Given the enthusiasm for BGW’s new pin trading program; and given the fact that RollyCoaster needs some time to build his site; the Admins decided to create a place for Forum members to offer and find pins. This thread will be the only place on our Forum where members may share which pins they...
  19. Nicole

    Calling All Foodies

    Hey, everyone. As most of y'all probably know, BGWFans looks forward with great anticipation to every opportunity to review interesting food at the park. Happily for us, F&WF season is almost upon us. As we have done in the past, we plan to publish a short review of the 16 March Food & Wine...
  20. Nicole

    PK's WDW Adventures: Live Reports From the Front Lines of Disney

    Pretzel is about to embark on a multi-park Florida odyssey, and plans to provide live updates of his adventures. Stay tuned here for his tales of lines, strollers, and Citrus Swirl.
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