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  1. BGWnut

    Mayor of BG

    Saw this article in the Virginia Pilot about the guy that BGW insiders call the mayor. Any proposals for a name for @Zachary? I'm thinking maybe the Jester of BGW? Or maybe the...
  2. BGWnut

    2021 Mardi Gras

    Here's what will be available during Mardi Gras
  3. BGWnut

    Luna Park Sydney - The Big Dipper, World's first single rail launch coaster

    In classic intamin style they have a new coaster style coming out called the Intamin Hot Racer. It's a launched single rail coaster. Here's a video about it.
  4. BGWnut

    BGW Autism Center certification

    I'm being told that BGW is currently giving all employees autism training as they work to become an officially designated autism center. I believe once BGW and WCUSA are certified every SEAS park will be Certified Autism Centers making them the first theme park company to have all parks certified.
  5. BGWnut

    Aquatica San Diego to Become Sesame Place

    SEAS has announced that the second Sesame Place will be opening in 2021 in San Diego on the site of the current Aquatica San Diego.
  6. BGWnut

    Free Volcano Pin for Pass Members (9/26/19)

    KD is giving away 2000 Volcano pins to passholders
  7. BGWnut

    Free admission for stranded travelers

    SeaWorld is offering free admission to travelers affected by Thomas Cook shutting down. So the company that Thomas Cook decided to no longer book travel to is still around and helping the people that were abandoned by them shutting down.
  8. BGWnut

    Executive Compensation

    It depends on the qualifications and experience they have. Like @Jahrules said I would think the salary would be around $150,000 as a base. That would be minimal qualifications and I would expect that could also be negotiated higher. They also get bonuses and such for performance. SeaWorld and...
  9. BGWnut

    New Stroller, Smoking, and Ice Policies

    Disney updated some of their guidelines most likely due to the expected crowds with Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. Most notably they have reduced the allowable size of strollers, banned stroller wagons and banned smoking and vaping in the parks...
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