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    COVID-19’s Impacts on BGW

    Our payment is on the fourth and we were charged.
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    Black Friday Sale

    It seems all the memberships are part of this. Has anyone tried to change from the grandfathered Premier to the new Platinum? I don't want to lose anything or mess up the attached dining plan.
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    Daily Crowd Updates & Park Status

    I can believe it set a record. The only time I’ve seen it as crowded was Saturday Hallowscream. Bavaria parking looked pretty full when we headed out around 5:30.
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    Membership Program

    Especially since we were old Sunday they were out of ornaments when we tried to redeem our vouchers.
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    Membership Program

    Has anyone had issues using the employee entrance with the now "old" premier membership (from last March) during Christmastown? We haven't been since Hallowscream and are planning to go tomorrow.
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    2018 Christmas Town

    Does anyone have an idea when they open parking for Member Night? We've never made it down for a preview night but will be fleeing the NoVA snow/slush to check out Christmas Town tomorrow.
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    Membership Program

    We were able to get the F&W vouchers from the kiosk by the front entrance this morning. Hopefully they got the bugs out.
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    Daily Crowd Updates & Park Status

    We got there at 10 today and they were ready. No wait. When we left at 10:30 still a minimal (2 groups) wait.
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    2015 Christmas Town

    Not sure about other days but last Saturday they opened parking at 1:00.
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    2015 Food & Wine Festival

    We did the Date Night on the Rhine this year and would do it again.  It was a Friday at 7 and we made the reservation at the park.  There were only three couples (including us) but everyone made sure we all had a good time.  Everything tasted good and the longer boat ride was nice too.  Added...
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