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  1. Chris

    New BGW Focused iOS App

    Usually the only time I post about an iOS app on the site is if it's about the BGWFans apps, but I've been working on a new project that isn't BGWFans branded and it happens to focus on BGW.  I'm getting pretty close to a point where I will start releasing information about it, but I thought I'd...
  2. Chris

    New App

    I've finally finished an app that I've been working on for the past couple months. It's called Theme Park Weather. What I see as the usefulness of the app is that you can use it to get the current weather and forecast for theme parks quicker than if you searched for them in other apps. I...
  3. Chris

    BGW Being Sued For Copyright Infringement

    Looks like the park didn't have permission to use some music they've used. I'm guessing it was something by Vangelis. Link
  4. Chris

    President's Park

    The auction for President's Park has been cancelled, apparently because there is a third party that's now "very interested" in the property. Any chance SWP is that third party? Don't know what they'd use it for, but since they're aggressively expanding, who knows.
  5. Chris

    Picture Request

    I'm working on a project and need as many medium to high quality images of KD attractions as I can get. Images that are used will be credited to the person that provides them.
  6. Chris

    Pass Member Preview Day 2012 Meetup

    If you're going to pass member preview day and want to meet up with people, let everyone know here. Ironically, I won't be going due to prior obligation, but, I hope you guys all have a good time!
  7. Chris

    Wiki Updates Needed

    Gavin has shown some interest in the Wiki and got my attention back to it as well. This thread should act as a discussion of what updates are needed on the Wiki, such as, Howl-O-Scream 2011. If you visit the Wiki and see something that needs to be added, you can post it here. Also, if you'd...
  8. Chris

    2011 Site Performance Details

    We're coming up on the end of another year, 2011 has been an interesting one for the site and has seen quite a few changes as well as exponential growth. As of 8:00 pm 12/28/11, the total number of posts is 28,948. On January 1, 2011, the total number of posts was 9,371. That's an increase of...
  9. Chris

    Photos for the 3.0 iOS App

    This thread is me asking for everyone's help. The 3.0 version of the iOS app is graphic heavy and my ideal build requires a picture of every attraction. I have lots, but there are some that I just don't have. If you'd be willing to post the pictures you have and grant permission for them to...
  10. Chris

    Behind The Thrills Poll

    Make sure you take some time to head over to Behind The Thrills to vote for the site in their poll:
  11. Chris

    [NoLimits] Project Oasis

    I never came up with a name for this one, so, I thought I'd post it. Feel free to download it and tweak/modify it as you like. Download Here Here's the video of it:
  12. Chris


    I've added an option to donate to the site, you can purchase one of six VIP membership levels which are valid for one year after purchase. All funds will go directly to site maintenance and advertising (and maybe a legal fund for CarterGee if he causes a ruckus again). You can find the...
  13. Chris

    Forum Software Bug Reports

    Report any issues you have with the site that you believe to be bugs.
  14. Chris

    User Rank In Stars Or Labels

    This poll will determine whether the entire community will be moving to the label user ranks (as seen for me and the mods), stars (as seen for all other members) or changing label colors as the number of posts increases. Feel free to express your opinion. Voting ends on Friday (the 17th).
  15. Chris

    Using This Forum

    Obviously the site has experienced a large growth over the past couple months and many members have expressed interest in meeting up with each other while at the park. This forum is for that. Formatting of the thread titles should be done using the date you're planning on going to the park...
  16. Chris

    2012 Coaster (Verbolten)

    Pictures Removed
  17. Chris

    Tristan, The New Colt Has Died

    Tristan, the new baby colt born on April 5 has died of an infection last night, details here.
  18. Chris

    Theme Park Change

    We’re happy to announce that we will be participating in a very worthy charity event called Theme Park Change. Theme Park Change is a program designed to let theme park fans donate the cost of items they would normally buy during their visit to Project Angel Food, which provides free and...
  19. Chris

    Defunct Mix It Up

    The park website lists the name of the new show in Italy as "Mix It Up".  Festivale Italiano is no longer listed, so it's likely this is the replacement.
  20. Chris

    2011 Show Times

    Anyone have any info about show times this season? I know they change from time to time, but I haven't been able to find any info.
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