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  1. Chris

    Project 2017: InvadR

    RE: Project 2017 So, I guess the Le Mans car in the one video was just a complete red herring? Surely the theming isn't a runaway car in a haunted forest or old logging camp.
  2. Chris

    Project 2017: InvadR

    RE: Project 2017 Right, so the question would be, are the Gwazi trains going to be repurposed for use here, or will we get some new, custom themed mini-llennium flyer trains (assuming this is a family friendly coaster)? (I've only come back to see what's going on at the park recently, so I'm...
  3. Chris

    Project 2017: InvadR

    RE: Project 2017 So, going to be these repainted? [attachment=10343] Or maybe some mini-llennium flyer trains? I assume this is going to be a family friendly ride based on the amount of space being used.
  4. Chris

    Anheuser Busch Music Productions

    I guess this was removed from the OP for whatever reason, so I'll put it back up. 251841080
  5. Chris


    This was posted a long time ago, but I just now saw it. Based on the logo, that glass would have been made in the late 70's.
  6. Chris

    Project 2017: InvadR

    RE: Project 2017 Lest anyone believe I actually think it's going to be a bobsled coaster, I was simply playing a humorous connect the dots game. It will almost certainly be a Mack spinner. Plenty of backstory options though:
  7. Chris

    Project 2017: InvadR

    RE: Project 2017 Solved it... Picture of Larry Giles showed a date of May, 1988. This is when he started working at the park. It's also when Avalanche opened at Kings Dominion. Avalanche is a Mack ride. A bobsled ride fits the theme of the area. Project 2017 is a bobsled coaster...
  8. Chris

    New Photo-Based Entry System

    RE: New facial recognition entry system at BGW & WC If they're adding actual facial recognition tech, I don't understand what the point of the change would be. Gavin's right about the lack of reduction in time spent in line in that case. It seems they could have just invested in better...
  9. Chris

    New Photo-Based Entry System

    RE: New facial recognition entry system at BGW & WC I'm sure the data will be stored in a pretty standard database connected to the internet. They'll need to be able to quickly send the pictures to whatever handheld device the employees will be using (if identification at the gate is the...
  10. Chris

    San Marco Changes

    RE: Marco Polo's Marketplace & San Marco Changes Fresh paint with brick exposed in a way to make walls look old or degraded looks strange to me. I think they should have used flatter paint colors or covered the exposed brick.
  11. Chris

    New Photo-Based Entry System

    RE: New facial recognition entry system at BGW & WC They used to take your picture when you actually bought the pass. I agree with Shane, seems like taking a picture of every pass member the first time they visit could cause a traffic jam, but I guess that would be worked out by the middle to...
  12. Chris

    Best Ride Queues

    As a kid, my favorite queue was definitely Questor. Obviously no elaborate scenes, no aquariums, but the drawings on the cave walls and sound effects worked really well in creating the story without having a video showing on a tv every 50 feet. The queue clearly stopped making sense after...
  13. Chris

    BGWFans in Virginia Gazette

    This has to be embarrassing for the park.  You shouldn't expect any invites to media events. (I have so many unread posts)
  14. Chris

    Warning ... Fake Twitter Account

    Got a follow from me. I have suspicions about who it is. I have no doubt it's a member of this site. I also think it may be someone that makes lots of topical jokes on Facebook.
  15. Chris

    New BGW Focused iOS App

    Thanks, I appreciate it. I've tried to take my time getting every part of the app right before I release it.
  16. Chris

    New BGW Focused iOS App

    Been working hard on this project in my free time, here's a quick look at it. Obviously you can see what this project is, it's a BGW focused trivia app. It uses Game Center, so you'll be able to compete with...
  17. Chris

    New BGW Focused iOS App

    Usually the only time I post about an iOS app on the site is if it's about the BGWFans apps, but I've been working on a new project that isn't BGWFans branded and it happens to focus on BGW.  I'm getting pretty close to a point where I will start releasing information about it, but I thought I'd...
  18. Chris

    Marketing & Public Relations

    I think it's a big improvement from the previous version. There are definitely some quirks and it obviously isn't laid out in the way I've done the BGWFans app, but for the standard person visiting the park, it will probably be sufficient. I think it's a good thing, it means people looking...
  19. Chris

    ParkFans Podcast?

    I'm in.
  20. Chris

    iOS 7

    For everyone that was having issues with the app, I've just submitted an update, hopefully it will be approved soon. If you guys have issues with the app in the future, let me know in the Report Issues thread. The issue was related to weather parsing, the crash wasn't caused by any change in...
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